Ron’s research focuses on the functional roles of coastal ecosystems in support of fisheries, particularly their role as nurseries for fishery species.

They are also the focus of development, and coupled with growing impacts from climate change, estuaries and coasts are under increasing pressures that threaten their ecological functioning and the immensely valuable services we derive from them

Ron’s research focuses on the functioning of estuarine and coastal ecosystems, particularly their role as nurseries for ecologically and socially important species. Ron’s interests include fish-habitat relationships, food web functioning, drivers of population and community change, and the responses of communities to coastal restoration.


  • Coastal, Estuarine, and Fish Ecology


  • Building Species Resilience
  • Living Shorelines
  • Fish Movement at Breakwaters
  • Restoration Monitoring
  • Previous Projects
PhD, James Cook University, 2006
BSc, James Cook University, 1996