Research Interests:

  • Archaeological Method and Theory
  • Southeastern Native Americans
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Museums

Philip J. Carr is an archaeologist specializing in the prehistory of the Southeast United States. Since joining the USA faculty in 1999, he has engaged in the study of the rich cultural heritage of southwest Alabama. His research particularly involves understanding prehistoric hunter-gatherer lifeways and stone tool technologies. His recent research has included simulating the formation of prehistoric lithic assemblages, expanding an organization of technology approach, and an examination of the stone tool assemblage from 22LI504.

His research interests include archeology, Native peoples of the southeastern United States, and museum studies.

Past Affiliations
Native American Studies, Sociology, Social Work, Archaeology, Anthropology
PhD, University of Tennessee, Anthropology, 1995
MA, University of Tennessee, Anthropology, 1991
BA, University of Louisville, Anthropology, 1988