Academic Area: Mathematics Education K-12.

My work as a researcher in mathematics education and teacher educator has primarily focused on two overlapping areas, cognitively demanding tasks and team-based learning (TBL). I have examined cognitively demanding tasks in secondary mathematics education from four different foci: (1) the role of cognitively demanding tasks within an informal learning community, (2) improving inservice teachers’ instruction and content-knowledge through their own engagement with cognitively demanding tasks, (3) learning to launch cognitively demanding tasks, and (4) the use of Team–Based (Inquiry) Learning to support all students engage with cognitively demanding tasks. I have also adapted TBL to an online setting and in doing so, developed the Integrated Online–Team-Based Learning (IO– TBL) model.

Special Education, Teacher Education, Educational Leadership
PhD, Auburn University, Mathematics Education, 2016
MA, University of West Alabama, Mathematics Education, 2013
BS, Auburn University Montgomery, Mathematics Education, 2011
mathematics education stem education educational technology mathematics