Research in the Borchert laboratory explores the regulation of gene expression by noncoding RNAs and G4s. Our main focuses are on microRNAs (miRNAs), microRNA-like sequences excised from other RNAs, sRNAs (similarly functioning short noncoding RNAs in prokaryotes), and long noncoding RNAs. Our lab examines the roles these noncoding RNAs play during growth and development, how they contribute to speciation, and how their misregulations contribute to various diseases and oncogenesis

Current Research:

  • Ascertain microRNA molecular origins to facilitate target prediction
  • Identify novel genomic repeat and microRNA compositions
  • Characterize novel prokaryotic and eukaryotic small RNAs
  • Characterize miRNA misregulations with casual roles in oncogenesis

Expertise: Regulation of gene expression by small RNAs

Biological Science
PhD, University of Iowa, Genetics, 2007
BS, University of Tennessee, Biological Sciences, 1999