• Electrical insulation of aerospace and space power systems operating in subatmospheric conditions and using high frequency switching conversion. 
  • Pulsed power engineering and repetitive pulsed power systems to study breakdown characteristics of novel dielectrics, such as nano/micro-dielectrics and biodielectrics. 
  • Compact plasma switches and vacuum electronic device development using advanced materials, such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs). 
  • Nanosecond respective pulsed plasmas and temporally and spatially resolved electrical and optical diagnostics techniques to understand physical mechanisms, and laser application.
  • Lasers /Lidar systems optical beam propagation / beam shaping systems design 


  • Electrical insulation
  • Pulsed power engineering
  • Breakdown characteristics of dielectrics
  • Compact plasma switches
  • Pulsed plasmas
  • Laser and lidar systems
Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering
PhD, New York University, Electrical Engineering, 1990
MS, Middle East Technical University, Physics, 1984
BS, Middle East Technical University, Physics, 1981