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My basic research interests include a combination of dynamic simulation, control system design and flight testing as well as inventing and developing new flight control algorithms and vehicle designs to improve performance of autonomous air vehicles which include fixed wing, rotorcraft, projectile, parafoil vehicles, and multi-body systems.

He is involved in all types of unmanned aerial vehicle research with a focus on controls of multi-body systems including aircraft, quadrotors, parafoils, projectiles, spacecraft and tethered systems. 

His teachings interests include control system dynamics and aircraft stability and control with a strong influence in simulation using a combination of C++, Fortran, MATLAB, Python and Java.

Research Interests: experimental tests, nonlinear controls, atmospheric sampling, mobile sensing, modular robotic systems

Teaching Interests: Aerospace Design, Aerodynamics, Nonlinear Systems Dynamics and Control, Numerical Programming MATLAB. Flight Stability and Automatic Control, Instrumentation and Vibrations


  • Dynamic simulation coupled with applied estimation of custom made aircraft
  • Experimental flight testing to improve the performance of autonomous aerospace vehicles
  • Flight dynamics, control and design of unmanned aerial vehicles with a focus on multi-body systems
  • Reconfigurable control laws for multirotor vehicles
  • Rocket ascent dynamics and controls
  • Tethered aerospace vehicles including electric sails and parafoils
Mechanical Engineering
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering, 2014
MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering, 2010
BS, Georgia Institute of Technology, Aerospace Engineering, 2009
aerodynamics flight control systems control systems aerospace engineering astrodynamics satellite attitude control unmanned spacecraft unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) multibody dynamics tethered satellites cubesat