Research interests: Protein phosphatases (Molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis; mechanisms of cardioprotective agents in ischemic myocytes)

In my laboratory, we are currently studying the molecular mechanisms associated with cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes. The common theme of our research is the functions of specific protein phosphatases.

Some of these "toxins" alter the cell cycle progression of tumor cells in culture, and we are interested in determining if these compounds have the potential for development into novel drugs for the treatment of certain cancers. We are also developing techniques to better use these phosphatase inhibitors for the identification of novel protein phosphatases and to study the roles of specific phosphatases in normal and aberrant cellular functions. We are also interested in the identification and development of novel type specific inhibitors.

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cellular Biochemistry, Molecular Biochemistry
PhD, University of Georgia, 1986
cancer biology cancer or carcinogenesis cancer prevention molecular cloning cell cycle