Dr. Jerde’s research and professional interests center upon understanding inflammation and how chronic inflammation promotes adult diseases including hyperplasias and cancers.

Research in Dr. Jerde’s laboratory is focused on elucidating the cellular signaling mechanisms and cell-to-cell communication networks in the inflamed prostate and bladder microenvironments that result in diseases such as hyperplasia and cancer.

Currently, my lab has three main specific projects: The role of IGF-1 in inflammation-induced epithelial survival and proliferation; 2, investigating small heat-shock chaperones that promote apoptotic or autophagic escape during inflammatory reactive hyperplasia in the prostate; 3 investigating how androgen and IL-1 cooperatively promote prostatic growth by STAT-3 dependent IGF-1 signaling.

Past Affiliations
Oncology, Pharmacology, Toxicology
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2005
BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Bacteriology, 1994