His expertise ranges from synthetic organic chemistry/natural product chemistry to radiopharmaceutical chemistry/molecular imaging science with a focus on positron emission tomography (PET) radiochemistry.  His current research interests are design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new radiopharmaceuticals (tumor, brain and heart imaging agents) for use in the biomedical imaging technique PET to study cancer, neuroscience and cardiovascular diseases. His research activities focus on the development of novel and potent enzyme-, receptor- and transporter-based PET carbon-11 and fluorine-18 radiotracers for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of physiologic changes in vivo, from initial evaluation in cell and animal models to evaluation in clinical trials. His research activities also include development, automation and production of PET radiotracers for preclinical and clinical imaging applications.

Radiology, Oncology
PhD, Zhongshan University, Organic Chemistry, 1990
MS, Xiamen University, Organic Chemistry, 1987
BS, Xiamen University, Chemistry, 1984