His research looks at the intersection of thrombosis and emergency care. His special interest is in revealing the mechanisms of intuitive decision making that physicians use to decide whether or not to evaluate a patient for pulmonary embolism.

My research interest centers on the intersection of thrombosis and emergency care. But this is a very large intersection, which allows me a wide lattitude of study. The following are my areas of active interest:

  • Recognizing who has PE and who does not
  • Using empathy and facial affect to improve diagnostic hypothesis generation
  • Creating a rational approach to test for PE
  • Deciding which patients with PE and DVT can be treated at home, and implementing protocols to do this
  • Recognizing and treating acute pulmonary hypertension from PE
  • Understanding how cyclic guanosine monophosphate can treat acute PE and prevent progression of PE to CTED and CTEPH
  • Performing large clinical trials to learn whether or not fibrinolytics can provide a net benefit to patients with PE
  • Creation of controllable methods to  proteolyse fibrin
Emergency Medicine, Human Anatomy, Cell Biology
MD, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1990
BS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Biochemistry, 1986