Research interests:

  • Condensed matter and quantum information theory

One of my main interests centers on the physics of strongly interacting systems, where typical perturbative methods fail.

My work includes, analysis and prediction of new physical phenomenon, organizing principles, and functionalities.

Research Interests:

  • Quantum Many-Particle and Field Theory of Condensed Matter Systems
  • Strongly Correlated Physics
  • Unconventional States of Matter, including Topological Quantum Order
  • Exotic Superfluid/Superconducting and Magnetic Phenomena
  • Theory of Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions, including Complex Networks
  • Topological Properties in Condensed Matter
  • Cold Atom Physics
  • Imitation of Physical Phenomena with Quantum Computers and Simulators
  • Entanglement and Quantum Complexity
  • Entangled Quantum Probes and Quantum Metrology
  • Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Measurement Theory
  • Integrability and Exact-Solvability
Physics, Mathematics
PhD, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, 1992
MS, Instituto Balseiro, Argentina, 1987