I am interested in the political economy of computing, the future of work and labor around the globe, and in how technologies mediate cultural, socio-economic, and geopolitical relations of modern societies.

Research Topics:

  • Technology and Development
  • Global political economy and labor
  • Artificial Intelligence

I am interested in mediated interaction. My overall research agenda investigates how knowledge is developed, transformed, shared, and effectively mobilized in and among individuals, organizations, and communities, and how technology mediates this process. Specific research projects have studied this topic in scientific disciplines (Artificial Intelligence), organizations (Decision Support Systems, Knowledge Management, Network Organizations), distributed collectives (Free/Open Source Software), and complex socio-ecological systems (GIS, Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation).

Research Areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Computer Interaction and Design
  • Health@Luddy - Crosscutting
  • Data Science
  • HCI@Luddy - Crosscutting
  • Social Informatics
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Social and Ethical Aspects of Data Science
  • Sustainability and Technology
  • Computing, Culture, and Society

Areas: Drones and other military technologies; global political economy; social informatics; artificial intelligence.

Ekbia’s research examines drones and military technology, Iran, the political economy of computing, social informatics, and artificial intelligence.

Past Affiliations
Middle Eastern Studies, International Studies, Cognitive Science
PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, Computer Science and Cognitive Science, 2003
MS, University of California, Los Angeles, Electrical Engineering and Applied Plasma Physics, 1979
BS, Abadan Institute of Technology, Iran, Electrical Engineering, 1977