Our laboratory concentrates on the mechanism of growth control and dysregulation of tissue growth in vivo. We concentrate our studies particularly on the liver and the intestinal tract. Recently we have concentrated our studies on two secreted factors: IL-6 and GDF-15.

Overall, Dr. Koniaris has published almost 200 peer-reviewed articles in the field of surgery and cancer.

Dr. Leonidas Koniaris is a general surgeon with advanced training in cancer surgery, particularly of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and pancreas.

Dr. Koniaris's research interests include: Recovery from cancer surgery and other therapies, tumor-host interactions, mechanisms of recovery and cachexia

My interest is understanding muscle loss, dysmetabolism and cachexia as complicating factors for surgically directed therapies, including liver resection, pancreas resection and removal of sarcomas and other solid tumors.

Subject areas:

  • Cancer in Bone and Muscle

Subject area:

  • Endocrine/Mixed Tumor
MBA, Villanova University, 2014
MD, Johns Hopkins University, Medicine, 1991
BS, University of Massachusetts, Math, Biochemistry, 1986