Areas of Study:

  • Animal Learning and Behavior
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Developmental Psychology

Research Interests:

  • Ontogeny of species-typical behavior
  • Maturation of sensory and physiological processes
  • Development of learning and memory

Currently, he is studying sensory and motor capabilities in fetal rats as a means of understanding adaptation to prenatal life as well as anticipation of the postnatal environment. Dr. Alberts is analyzing the ultrasonic vocalizations of infant rodents, not just as a form of acoustic communication with the parent, but also as an aspect of early thermal and oxygen homeostasis.

Research Interests: ontogeny of species-typical behavior; maturation of sensory and physiological processes; development of learning and memory

Subject Areas:

  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Developmental Psychobiology
  • Hormones and Behavior
  • Mechanism of Behavior

Subject Area

  • Psychological and Brain Sciences
Past Affiliations
Animal Science, Neuroscience, Psychology
PhD, Princeton University, Neural Science and Behavior, 1974
MA, Princeton University, Neural Science and Behavior, 1972
MA, McMaster University, Comparative Psychology, 1970
BA, McMaster University, Psychology, 1969
psychology developmental psychology physiological psychology psychobiology sexual behavior telemetry ultrasonic technology reproductive physiology breast milk breastfeeding & lactation pregnancy prenatal factors entrepreneurship embryology neuroscience