Her current research interests have involved defining the epidemiology of HPV infections in adolescents, understanding vaccine related behaviors and reproductive health issues of adolescents with chronic health issues.

Clinical Interests:

  • Adolescent reproductive health and gynecology (Riley Hospital for Children)
  • Contraception for adolescents and young adults with chronic illness (Riley Hospital for Children)


  • HPV epidemiology
  • HPV vaccine behaviors
  • Reproductive health needs of women with chronic illness

Dr. Shew's research interests include:

1. Decrease the public health burden of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV-related disease including cervical cancer and dysplasia. 2. Characterize patterns of HPV infection, clearance, persistence or latent reactivation or re-infection among adolescent and young adult women. 3. Assess the virological and behavioral impact of prophylactic HPV vaccines.

Oncology, Family Medicine
MPH, University of Oklahoma, Epidemiology, 1991
MD, University of Oklahoma, 1985
BS, University of Texas at Austin, Pharmacy, 1979