I am interested in different aspects of speech sounds – from laboratory and theoretical phonology, over acquisition of second language phonology, to spoken word corpora, annotation, and speech recognition systems. I work with Slavic data, but also with data from under-resourced languages.

Her research focus is in phonology, including topics in theoretical phonology, computational and empirical approaches to phonology, second language and inter-language perception.

In the Phonetics & Phonology Lab, we focus on analyzing acoustic data from many languages to investigate various phonetic and phonological phenomena. We are interested in acoustics, articulation, and perception.

Current Research:

  • Perception of breathy sonorants in Marathi
  • Prominence and "stress" patterns in Marathi
  • Breathy Phonation in Gujarati
  • Vowel Raising in Fort Wayne English
  • Phonotactic frequencies in Indic languages
  • 3D Ultrasound Imaging of the articulation of liquids and rhotics in Midwestern American English

Research interests:

  • Slavic and low-resourced languages
  • Theoretical phonology
  • Second language phonology
  • Laboratory phonology
  • Speech corpora

Specialties/Research Interests:

  • Phonological theory: the role of perception in phonology, relation between different phonetic realizations of phonological distinctions, palatalization, laboratory/empirical phonology, Second language acquisition of phonetics/phonological systems, language focus: Slavic.

Research interests:

  • phonetics and laboratory phonology
  • L2 acquisition
  • computational and corpus linguistics
  • theoretical phonology

Subject Area:

  • Phonological and Lexical Encoding
Literature, Language Studies, Russian, Cognitive Science, Linguistics, Linguistics
PhD, Universit├Ąt Potsdam, 2004
economic, linguistic or political organizations polish language or literature slavic language or literature yiddish language or literature linguistics or philology language acquisition computational linguistics applied linguistics english as a second language--esl foreign language instruction speech or communication education visual perception
Bosnian, Croatian (Serbian), English, German, Standard, Polish, Russian