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Global Guide: A Comprehensive Global Health Education Resource for Pediatric Program Directors
St Clair, Nicole EON BEHALF OF THE GLOBAL HEALTH TASK FORCE OF THE AMERICAN BOARD OF PEDIATRICSSt Clair, Nicole ESt Clair, Nicole E.Abdul-Mumin, AlhassanAbdul-Mumin, AlhassanBanker, Sumeet LAbdul-Mumin, AlhassanBanker, Sumeet LBanker, Sumeet L.Condurache, TaniaCondurache, TaniaCondurache, TaniaCrouse, HeatherCrouse, HeatherHaq, HeatherHaq, HeatherCrouse, HeatherHaq, HeatherHelphinstine, JillHelphinstine, JillKazembe, Peter NicholasHelphinstine, JillKazembe, Peter NicholasMarton, StephanieMarton, StephanieKazembe, Peter NicholasMarton, StephanieMcQuilkin, PatriciaMc Quilkin, PatriciaPitt, Michael BPitt, Michael BMcQuilkin, PatriciaRus, MaridethPitt, Michael B.Rus, MaridethRuss, Christiana MRuss, Christiana MRus, MaridethSchubert, ChuckRuss, Christiana M.Schubert, ChuckSchutze, Gordon ESchutze, Gordon ESchubert, ChuckSteenhoff, Andrew PSteenhoff, Andrew PSchutze, Gordon E.Uwemedimo, OmolaraUwemedimo, OmolaraSteenhoff, Andrew P.Watts, JenniferUwemedimo, OmolaraWatts, JenniferButteris, Sabrina MWatts, JenniferButteris, Sabrina M and Butteris, Sabrina M.
Pediatrics, vol. 145, (no. 2), pp. e20192138, 2020-02-00. | Journal Article
Teaching advocacy communication to pediatric residents: the efficacy of applied improvisational theater (AIT) as an instructional tool
Hoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann Longtin, KristaOrgan, Jason MOrgan, Jason MOrgan, Jason MOrgan, Jason MHelphinstine, Jill VHelphinstine, Jill VHelphinstine, Jill VHelphinstine, Jill VReinoso, Deanna RReinoso, Deanna RReinoso, Deanna RReinoso, Deanna RMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary SMorgan, Zachary SWeinstein, ElizabethWeinstein, ElizabethWeinstein, Elizabeth and Weinstein, Elizabeth
Communication Education: Communication and Instruction beyond the Traditional Classroom, vol. 67, (no. 4), pp. 459, 10/2/2018. | Journal Article
Career choices and global health engagement: 24-year follow-up of U.S. participants in the Indiana University-Moi University elective
Umoren, RachelUmoren, RachelUmoren, RachelUmoren, RachelGardner, AdrianGardner, AdrianGardner, AdrianGardner, AdrianStone, GerenStone, GerenStone, GerenStone, GerenHelphinstine, JillHelphinstine, JillHelphinstine, JillHelphinstine, JillMachogu, EmilyMachogu, EmilyMachogu, EmilyMachogu, EmilyHuskins, JordanHuskins, JordanHuskins, JordanHuskins, JordanJohnson, CynthiaJohnson, CynthiaJohnson, CynthiaJohnson, CynthiaAyuo, PaulAyuo, PaulAyuo, PaulAyuo, PaulMining, SimeonMining, SimeonMining, SimeonMining, SimeonLitzelman, DebraLitzelman, DebraLitzelman, Debra and Litzelman, Debra
Health Care: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation, vol. 3, (no. 4), pp. 189, 2015. | Journal Article