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The expansion of land plants during the Late Devonian contributed to the marine mass extinction. Communications Earth & Environment
. | Journal Article
Viruses of sulfur oxidizing phototrophs encode genes for pigment, carbon, and sulfur metabolisms. Communications Earth & Environment
. | Journal Article
Characterization of diverse bacteriohopanepolyols in a permanently stratified, hyper-euxinic lake
O’Beirne, Molly D.Sparkes, RobertHamilton, Trinity L.Dongen, Bart E.Gilhooly, William P. and Werne, Josef P.
Organic Geochemistry, vol. 168, pp. 104431. | Journal Article
Enhanced terrestrial nutrient release during the Devonian emergence and expansion of forests: Evidence from lacustrine phosphorus and geochemical records
Smart, Matthew S.Filippelli, GabrielIii, William P. GilhoolyMarshall, John E.A. and Whiteside, Jessica H.
GSA Bulletin. | Journal Article
Genomics of viruses infecting green and purple sulfur bacteria in two euxinic lakes
Genomics of viruses infecting green and purple sulfur bacteria in two euxinic lakes
Land plant evolution and volcanism led to the Late Devonian mass extinction
Metastable Iron (Mono)sulfides in the Shallow-Sea Hydrothermal Sediments of Milos, Greece
Kotopoulou, ElectraGodelitsas, AthanasiosGöttlicher, JörgSteininger, RalphPrice, RoyFike, David A.Amend, Jan P.Gilhooly, William P.Druschell, GregoryNomikou, ParaskeviGamaletsos, Platon N. and Lozios, Stylianos
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, vol. 6, pp. 920–931. | Journal Article
Neoarchean atmospheric chemistry and the preservation of S-MIF in sediments from the São Francisco Craton
Bosco-Santos, AliceIii, William Patrick GilhoolyMelo-Silva, PaolaFouskas, FotiosBouyon, AmauryMotta, João GabrielBaldim, Mauricio RigoniFabricio-Silva, WendellPhilippot, Pascal and Oliveira, Elson Paiva
Geoscience Frontiers, vol. 13, pp. 101250. | Journal Article
Blow fly stable isotopes reveal larval diet: A case study in community level anthropogenic effects. PLOS ONE
. | Journal Article
Effects of early marine diagenesis and site-specific depositional controls on carbonate-associated sulfate: Insights from paired S and O isotopic analyses
Richardson, Jocelyn A.Richardson, J.A.Lepland, A.Lepland, AivoHints, OlleHints, O.Prave, A.R.Prave, Anthony R.Gilhooly, W.P.Gilhooly, William P.Bradley, A.S.Bradley, Alexander S.Fike, D.A. and Fike, David A.
Chemical Geology, vol. 584, pp. 120525. | Journal Article
Severe Little Ice Age drought in the midcontinental United States during the Mississippian abandonment of Cahokia
Pompeani, David P.Pompeani, David P.Bird, Broxton W.Bird, Broxton W.Wilson, Jeremy J.Wilson, Jeremy J.Gilhooly, William P.Gilhooly, William P.Hillman, Aubrey L.Hillman, Aubrey L.Finkenbinder, Matthew S.Finkenbinder, Matthew S.Abbott, Mark B. and Abbott, Mark B.
Scientific Reports, vol. 11. | Journal Article
Bioenergetic characterization of a shallow-sea hydrothermal vent system: Milos Island, Greece. PLOS ONE
La Rowe, Douglas ELaRowe, Douglas ELaRowe, Douglas EFike, David AFike, David AFike, David ADruschel, Gregory KDruschel, Gregory KDruschel, Gregory KGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PPrice, Roy EPrice, Roy EPrice, Roy EAmend, Jan PAmend, Jan P and Amend, Jan P
. | Journal Article
Euxinia in the Neoarchean: The starting point for early oxygenation in a Brazilian Craton
Bosco-Santos, AliceBosco-Santos, AliceGilhooly, William PatrickGilhooly, William PatrickFouskas, FotiosFouskas, FotiosFabricio-Silva, WendellFabricio-Silva, WendellOliveira, Elson Paiva and Oliveira, Elson Paiva
Precambrian Research, vol. 341, pp. 105655, June 2020. | Journal Article
Iron cycling in Arctic methane seeps
Hong, W.-L.Hong, Wei-LiHong, Wei-LiLatour, PaulineLatour, PaulineLatour, P.Sauer, S.Sauer, SimoneSauer, SimoneSen, ArunimaSen, ArunimaSen, A.Gilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PGilhooly, W.P.Lepland, AivoLepland, A.Lepland, AivoFouskas, F.Fouskas, Fotios and Fouskas, Fotios
Geo-Marine Letters, vol. 40, (no. 3), pp. 401, 2020-06-00. | Journal Article
Female Blow Flies As Vertebrate Resource Indicators. Scientific Reports
Owings, Charity GOwings, Charity GOwings, Charity GBanerjee, AniruddhaBanerjee, AniruddhaBanerjee, AniruddhaAsher, Travis M DAsher, Travis M DAsher, Travis M DGilhooly, 3rd, William PGilhooly, 3rd, William PGilhooly, 3rd, William PTuceryan, AnaisTuceryan, AnaisTuceryan, AnaisHuffine, MaryHuffine, MaryHuffine, MarySkaggs, Christine LSkaggs, Christine LSkaggs, Christine LAdebowale, Iyun MAdebowale, Iyun MAdebowale, Iyun MManicke, Nicholas EManicke, Nicholas EManicke, Nicholas EPicard, Christine JPicard, Christine J and Picard, Christine J
. | Journal Article
Late-Holocene floodplain development, land-use, and hydroclimate–flood relationships on the lower Ohio River, US
Bird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WBird, Broxton WBarr, Robert CBarr, Robert CBarr, Robert CCommerford, JulieCommerford, JulieCommerford, JulieGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PWilson, Jeremy JWilson, Jeremy JWilson, Jeremy JFinney, BruceFinney, BruceFinney, BruceMcLauchlan, KendraMcLauchlan, KendraMcLauchlan, KendraMonaghan, G WilliamMonaghan, G William and Monaghan, G William
The Holocene, vol. 29, (no. 12), pp. 1870, 20191200. | Journal Article
Nitrogen preference across generations under changing ammonium nitrate ratios
Daryanto, StefaniWang, LixinGilhooly, William P and Jacinthe, Pierre-André
Journal of Plant Ecology, vol. 12, (no. 2), pp. 244, 2019-03-08. | Journal Article
Spatially and temporally variable sulfur cycling in shallow-sea hydrothermal vents, Milos, Greece
Houghton, J.L.Houghton, Jennifer LHoughton, Jennifer LGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PGilhooly, W.P.Kafantaris, Fotios-Christos AKafantaris, F. C.A.Kafantaris, Fotios-Christos ADruschel, G.K.Druschel, Gregory KDruschel, Gregory KLu, Guang-SinLu, G.-S.Lu, Guang-SinAmend, Jan PAmend, J.P.Amend, Jan PGodelitsas, AthanasiosGodelitsas, A.Godelitsas, AthanasiosFike, D.A.Fike, David A and Fike, David A
Marine Chemistry. | Journal Article
The competitive advantage of a constitutive CAM species over a C4 grass species under drought and CO2 enrichment
Yu, KailiangYu, KailiangYu, KailiangD'Odorico, PaoloD'Odorico, PaoloD’Odorico, PaoloCollins, Scott LCollins, Scott L.Collins, Scott LCarr, DavidCarr, DavidCarr, DavidPorporato, AmilcarePorporato, AmilcarePorporato, AmilcareAnderegg, William R. L.Anderegg, William R. LAnderegg, William R. LGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William PGilhooly, William P.Wang, LixinWang, LixinWang, LixinBhattachan, AbinashBhattachan, AbinashBhattachan, AbinashBartlett, MarkBartlett, MarkBartlett, MarkHartzell, SamanthaHartzell, SamanthaHartzell, SamanthaYin, JunYin, JunYin, JunHe, YongliHe, YongliHe, YongliLi, WeiLi, WeiLi, WeiTatlhego, MokganediTatlhego, MokganediTatlhego, MokganediFuentes, Jose D.Fuentes, Jose D and Fuentes, Jose D
Ecosphere, vol. 10, (no. 5), pp. n/a, May 2019. | Journal Article
Dynamic interactions between iron and sulfur cycles from Arctic methane seeps
Latour, PaulineHong, Wei LiSauer, SimoneSen, ArunimaIII, William P. GilhoolyLepland, Aivo and Fouskas, Fotios
Paleoclimate support for a persistent dry island effect in the Colombian Andes during the last 4700 years
Bird, B.W.Bird, Broxton WBird, B.W.Bird, Broxton WRudloff, O.Rudloff, OwenRudloff, OwenRudloff, O.Escobar, J.Escobar, JaimeEscobar, J.Escobar, JaimeGilhooly, William PGilhooly, W.P.Gilhooly, William PGilhooly, W.P.Correa-Metrio, AlexCorrea-Metrio, A.Correa-Metrio, AlexCorrea-Metrio, A.Vélez, MariaVélez, MariaVélez, M.Vélez, M.Polissar, Pratigya JPolissar, P.J.Polissar, Pratigya J and Polissar, P.J.
The Holocene, vol. 28, (no. 2), pp. 228, 20180200. | Journal Article
Supplementary material to "Dynamic interactions between iron and sulfur cycles from Arctic methane seeps"
Latour, PaulineHong, Wei LiSauer, SimoneSen, ArunimaIII, William P. GilhoolyLepland, Aivo and Fouskas, Fotios
The use of dithiothreitol for the quantitative analysis of elemental sulfur concentrations and isotopes in environmental samples
Kurek, Martin RGilhooly, William PDruschel, Gregory KO'Beirne, Molly D and Werne, Josef P
Chemical Geology. | Journal Article
Abiotic processes are insufficient for fertile island development: A 10‐year artificial shrub experiment in a desert grassland
Li, JunranLi, JunranLi, JunranGilhooly, William P.Gilhooly, William P.Gilhooly, William POkin, Gregory S.Okin, Gregory SOkin, Gregory S.Blackwell, JohnBlackwell, John and Blackwell, John
Geophysical Research Letters, vol. 44, (no. 5), pp. 2253, 16 March 2017. | Journal Article