3 Grants
DISES: Understanding invisible socio-environmental systems through pesticide exposure across human-wildlife interactions in tropical forest-agricultural mosaics
Bailey, KarenDiem, JeremyWasserman, MichaelVenier, Marta and Rothman, Jessica
National Science Foundation (NSF), Direct For Social, Behav & Economic Scie, Division Of Behavioral and Cognitive Sci (ID: 2307519), $1,026,146USD, 2023-09-01 -- 2027-08-31
Assessing the Effects of Human Activity Related to Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation on Tropical Forests and Primates
Wasserman, Michael and Beck, Peter
National Science Foundation (NSF), Office Of The Director, Office Of Internatl Science &Engineering (ID: 1559223), $250,000USD, 08/01/2016 -- 07/31/2019
Doctoral Dissertation Improvement: Feeding on Phytoestrogens - Implications for Red Colobus Monkey Physiological Ecology
Milton, Katharine and Wasserman, Michael
National Science Foundation (NSF), Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences, Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (ID: 0823651), $15,000USD, 09/01/2008 -- 08/31/2010