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Draft Genome Sequences of Four Saccharibacter sp. Strains Isolated from Native Bees
Smith, Eric AVuong, Hoang QMiller, Delaney LParish, Audrey JMcFrederick, Quinn S and Newton, Irene L G
Microbiology resource announcements, vol. 9, (no. 10), 2020-Mar-05. | Journal Article
Further insights in the Tardigrada microbiome: phylogenetic position and prevalence of infection of four new Alphaproteobacteria putative endosymbionts
Guidetti, RobertoVecchi, MatteoFerrari, AgneseNewton, Irene L GCesari, Michele and Rebecchi, Lorena
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, vol. 188, (no. 3), pp. 937, 2020-03-16. | Journal Article
(My Microbiome) Would Walk 10,000 miles: Maintenance and Turnover of Microbial Communities in Introduced Dung Beetles
Parker, Erik SParker, Erik SNewton, Irene L GNewton, Irene L GMoczek, Armin P and Moczek, Armin P
Microbial ecology, 2020-Apr-20. | Journal Article
The Intracellular Symbiont Wolbachia pipientis Enhances Recombination in a Dose-Dependent Manner
Bryant, Kaeli N and Newton, Irene L G
Insects, vol. 11, (no. 5), pp. 284, 2020-May-06. | Journal Article
Draft Genome Sequence of a Bombella apis Strain Isolated from Honey Bees
Smith, Eric AMartin-Eberhardt, Sylvie AMiller, Delaney LParish, Audrey J and Newton, Irene L. G
Microbiology Resource Announcements, vol. 8, (no. 47), 2019-11-21. | Journal Article
Future-Proofing Your Microbiology Resource Announcements Genome Assembly for Reproducibility and Clarity
Baltrus, David ABaltrus, David ABaltrus, David A.Baltrus, David A.Cuomo, Christina A.Cuomo, Christina A.Cuomo, Christina ACuomo, Christina ADennehy, John J.Dennehy, John JDennehy, John J.Dennehy, John JDunning Hotopp, Julie CDunning Hotopp, Julie CHotopp, Julie C. DunningHotopp, Julie C. DunningMaresca, Julia A.Maresca, Julia AMaresca, Julia AMaresca, Julia A.Newton, Irene L. G.Newton, Irene L GNewton, Irene L GNewton, Irene L. G.Rasko, David ARasko, David A.Rasko, David A.Rasko, David ARokas, AntonisRokas, AntonisRokas, AntonisRokas, AntonisRoux, SimonRoux, SimonRoux, SimonRoux, SimonStajich, Jason EStajich, Jason EStajich, Jason E. and Stajich, Jason E.
Microbiology resource announcements, vol. 8, (no. 36), 2019-Sep-05. | Journal Article
Spotlight on how microbes influence their host's behavior
Weisskopf, LaureWeisskopf, LaureNewton, Irene L. GNewton, Irene L GBerry, DavidBerry, DavidWebster, Nicole S and Webster, Nicole S
Environmental Microbiology, vol. 21, (no. 9), pp. 3187, September 2019. | Journal Article
Symbiosis Comes of age at the 10 th Biennial Meeting of Wolbachia Researchers
Newton, Irene L G and Slatko, Barton E
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2019-Feb-22. | Journal Article
Symbiosis Comes of Age at the 10th Biennial Meeting of Wolbachia Researchers
Newton, Irene L. G and Slatko, Barton E
Applied and Environmental Microbiology, vol. 85, (no. 8), 2019-02-22. | Journal Article
Evolutionary Genetics of Cytoplasmic Incompatibility Genes cifA and cifB in Prophage WO of Wolbachia
Lindsey, Amelia R ILindsey, Amelia R IRice, Danny WRice, Danny WBordenstein, Sarah RBordenstein, Sarah RBrooks, Andrew WBrooks, Andrew WBordenstein, Seth RBordenstein, Seth RNewton, Irene L G and Newton, Irene L G
Genome Biology and Evolution, vol. 10, (no. 2), pp. 451, 2018-02-01. | Journal Article
Gateway Entry Vector Library of Wolbachia pipientis Candidate Effectors from Strain wMel
Newton, Irene L. GNewton, Irene L. GSheehan, Kathy B and Sheehan, Kathy B
Microbiology Resource Announcements, vol. 7, (no. 1), 2018-07-12. | Journal Article
Gateway Entry Vector Library of Wolbachia pipientis Candidate Effectors from Strain w Mel
Newton, Irene L GNewton, Irene L GSheehan, Kathy B and Sheehan, Kathy B
Microbiology resource announcements, vol. 7, (no. 1), 2018-Jul. | Journal Article
Mitochondria and Wolbachia titers are positively correlated during maternal transmission
Henry, Lucas P and Newton, Irene L. G
Molecular Ecology, vol. 27, (no. 11), pp. 2646, June 2018. | Journal Article
The Microbial Community of Tardigrades: Environmental Influence and Species Specificity of Microbiome Structure and Composition
Vecchi, MatteoNewton, IreneCesari, MicheleRebecchi, Lorena and Guidetti, Roberto
Microbial Ecology, vol. 76, (no. 2), pp. 481, 20180800. | Journal Article
Mi Casa es Su Casa: how an intracellular symbiont manipulates host biology
Bhattacharya, Tamanash and Newton, Irene L.G
Environmental Microbiology, 2017-12-01. | Journal Article
Wolbachia elevates host methyltransferase expression to block an RNA virus early during infection
Bhattacharya, TamanashBhattacharya, TamanashNewton, Irene L GNewton, Irene L GHardy, Richard W and Hardy, Richard W
PLoS pathogens, vol. 13, (no. 6), pp. e1006427, 2017-Jun. | Journal Article
Comparative Genomics of Two Closely Related Wolbachia with Different Reproductive Effects on Hosts.
Newton, Irene L GClark, Michael EKent, Bethany NBordenstein, Seth RQu, JiaxinRichards, StephenKelkar, Yogeshwar D and Werren, John H
Genome biology and evolution, vol. 8, (no. 5), pp. 1526-1542, June 3, 2016. | Journal Article
Developmental and Ecological Benefits of the Maternally Transmitted Microbiota in a Dung Beetle
Schwab, Daniel BSchwab, Daniel BRiggs, Hailey ERiggs, Hailey ENewton, Irene L GNewton, Irene L. GMoczek, Armin PMoczek, Armin P and McPeek, Mark A
The American naturalist, vol. 188, (no. 6), pp. 692, 20161201. | Journal Article
Identification and Characterization of a Candidate Wolbachia pipientis Type IV Effector That Interacts with the Actin Cytoskeleton.
Sheehan, Kathy BMartin, MaryAnnLesser, Cammie FIsberg, Ralph R and Newton, Irene L G
mBio, vol. 7, (no. 4), July 5, 2016. | Journal Article
The bee microbiome: Impact on bee health and model for evolution and ecology of host-microbe interactions
Engel, PhilippEngel, PhilippKwong, Waldan KKwong, WaldanMcFrederick, QuinnMc Frederick, QuinnAnderson, Kirk EAnderson, KirkBarribeau, Seth MichaelBarribeau, SethChandler, JamesChandler, James AngusCornman, R ScottCornman, RobertDainat, JacquesDainat, Jacquesde Miranda, Joachim RMiranda, JoachimDoublet, VincentDoublet, VincentEmery, OlivierEmery, OlivierEvans, JayEvans, Jay DFarinelli, LaurentFarinelli, LaurentFlenniken, MichelleFlenniken, Michelle LGranberg, FredrikGranberg, FredrikGrasis, JurisGrasis, Juris AGauthier, LaurentGauthier, LaurentHayer, JulietteHayer, JulietteKoch, HaukeKoch, HaukeKocher, SarahKocher, SarahMartinson, Vincent GMartinson, VincentMoran, NancyMoran, NancyMunoz-Torres, MonicaMuñoz-Torres, MónicaNewton, IreneNewton, IrenePaxton, Robert JPaxton, RobertPowell, EliPowell, EliSadd, BenSadd, Ben MSchmid-Hempel, PaulSchmid-Hempel, PaulSchmid-Hempel, RegulaSchmid-Hempel, RegulaSong, Se JinSong, SejinSchwarz, RyanSchwarz, Ryan SEngelsdorp, DennisvanEngelsdorp, DennisDainat, Benjamin and Dainat, Benjamin
mBio, 2016. | Journal Article
Wolbachia pipientis should not be split into multiple species: A response to Ramírez-Puebla et al., “Species in Wolbachia? Proposal for the designation of ‘Candidatus Wolbachia bourtzisii’, ‘Candidatus Wolbachia onchocercicola’, ‘Candidatus Wolbachia blaxteri’, ‘Candidatus Wolbachia brugii’, ‘Candidatus Wolbachia taylori’, ‘Candidatus Wolbachia collembolicola’ and ‘Candidatus Wolbachia multihospitum’ for the different species within Wolbachia supergroups”
Lindsey, Amelia R.IBordenstein, Seth RNewton, Irene L.G and Rasgon, Jason L
Systematic and Applied Microbiology, vol. 39, (no. 3), pp. 222, May 2016. | Journal Article
Development of the honey bee gut microbiome throughout the queen-rearing process.
Tarpy, David RMattila, Heather R and Newton, Irene L G
Applied and environmental microbiology, vol. 81, (no. 9), pp. 3182-3191, May 1, 2015. | Journal Article
Dynamics of Wolbachia pipientis Gene Expression Across the Drosophila melanogaster Life Cycle
Gutzwiller, FlorenceGutzwiller, FlorenceCarmo, Catarina RCarmo, Catarina RMiller, Danny EMiller, Danny ERice, Danny WRice, Danny WNewton, Irene L GNewton, Irene L GHawley, R ScottHawley, R ScottTeixeira, LuisTeixeira, LuisBergman, Casey M and Bergman, Casey M
G3 (Bethesda, Md.), vol. 5, (no. 12), pp. 2856, 2015-Oct-23. | Journal Article
No apparent correlation between honey bee forager gut microbiota and honey production
Horton, Melissa AOliver, Randy and Newton, Irene L
PeerJ, vol. 3, pp. e1329, 2015-00-00. | Journal Article
Passage of Wolbachia pipientis through mutant drosophila melanogaster induces phenotypic and genomic changes.
Newton, Irene L GNewton, Irene L GSheehan, Kathy B and Sheehan, Kathy B
Applied and environmental microbiology, vol. 81, (no. 3), pp. 1032-1037, February 2015. | Journal Article