My research involves both formal phonology and second language acquisition. More specifically, formally, I investigate issues in prosody, prosody-morphology interface, prosody-syntax interface, autosegmental phonology. My research in second language acquisition covers a broader range of phenomema, including also syntax and syntax-prosody and syntax-semantics interface.

Research Interests:

  • Second language acquisition
  • Phonology (especially suprasegmentals)
  • Prosody
  • Prosody-Syntax Interface
  • Acquisition at the syntax-semantics interface


Past Affiliations

Assistant Professor, Department of Central Eurasian Studies, Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University Bloomington

PhD Student, Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts, McGill University (past)

Language Studies, Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Linguistics
PhD, McGill University, Linguistics, Language Acquisition, 2012
MA, University of Pittsburgh, Linguistics, 2006
BA, Bogazici University, Foreign Language Education, 2004