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Neural basis of cognitive control signals in anterior cingulate cortex during delay discounting
Repeated Binge Alcohol Drinking Leads to Reductions in Corticostriatal Theta Coherence in Female but not Male Mice
Sex Differences in Neural Networks Recruited by Frontloaded Binge Alcohol Drinking
Male and female impairments in odor span are observed in a rat model of PTSD. Learning & Memory
. | Journal Article
Non-Consummatory Behavior Signals Predict Aversion-Resistant Alcohol Drinking in Head-Fixed Mice
A critical review of front‐loading: A maladaptive drinking pattern driven by alcohol s rewarding effects. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research
Differential effects of quinine adulteration of alcohol on seeking and drinking
McCane, Aqilah MMcCane, Aqilah MAuterson, Curtis DAuterson, Curtis DDeLory, Michael JDeLory, Michael JLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CCzachowski, Cristine L and Czachowski, Cristine L
Alcohol, vol. 92, pp. 73-80, May 2021. | Journal Article
Effect of ketamine on binge drinking patterns in crossed high alcohol-preferring (cHAP) mice
Ardinger, Cherish EArdinger, Cherish EWinkler, GarrettWinkler, GarrettLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CGrahame, Nicholas J and Grahame, Nicholas J
Alcohol, vol. 97, pp. 31-39, Dec 2021. | Journal Article
Alcohol-preferring P rats exhibit aversion-resistant drinking of alcohol adulterated with quinine
Timme, Nicholas MLinsenbardt, DavidTimm, MaureenGalbari, TaylorCornwell, Ethan and Lapish, Christopher
Alcohol, vol. 83, pp. 56, March 2020. | Journal Article
A Method to Present and Analyze Ensembles of Information Sources
Timme, Nicholas MLinsenbardt, David and Lapish, Christopher C
Entropy, vol. 22, (no. 5), 2020. | Journal Article
High Alcohol–Preferring Mice Show Reaction to Loss of Ethanol Reward Following Repeated Binge Drinking
Ardinger, Cherish E.Ardinger, Cherish E.Grahame, Nicholas J.Grahame, Nicholas J.Lapish, Christopher C.Lapish, Christopher C.Linsenbardt, David N. and Linsenbardt, David N.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. | Journal Article
Mobile enhancement of motivation in schizophrenia: A pilot randomized controlled trial of a personalized text message intervention for motivation deficits.
Luther, LaurenLuther, LaurenLuther, LaurenLuther, L.Fischer, Melanie WFischer, M.W.Fischer, Melanie W.Fischer, Melanie WJohnson-Kwochka, Annalee VJohnson-Kwochka, A.V.Johnson-Kwochka, Annalee V.Johnson-Kwochka, Annalee VMinor, Kyle SMinor, K.S.Minor, Kyle S.Minor, Kyle SHolden, RichardHolden, R.Holden, RichardHolden, RichardLapish, Chris LLapish, Chris L.Lapish, Chris LLapish, C.L.McCormick, BryanMc Cormick, BryanMcCormick, BryanMcCormick, B.Salyers, Michelle P.Salyers, Michelle PSalyers, M.P. and Salyers, Michelle P
Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. | Journal Article
Dynamical ventral tegmental area circuit mechanisms of alcohol‐dependent dopamine release
di Volo, Matteodi Volo, MatteoMorozova, Ekaterina OMorozova, Ekaterina OLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CKuznetsov, AlexeyKuznetsov, AlexeyGutkin, Boris and Gutkin, Boris
European Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 50, (no. 3), pp. 2296, August 2019. | Journal Article
Encoding of the Intent to Drink Alcohol by the Prefrontal Cortex Is Blunted in Rats with a Family History of Excessive Drinking
Linsenbardt, David NTimme, Nicholas M and Lapish, Christopher C
eNeuro, vol. 6, (no. 4), 2019 Jul/Aug. | Journal Article
Self-administration of edible Δ 9 -tetrahydrocannabinol and associated behavioral effects in mice
Smoker, Michael PMackie, KenLapish, Christopher C and Boehm, 2nd, Stephen L
Drug and alcohol dependence, vol. 199, pp. 106, 2019-06-01. | Journal Article
Self-administration of edible Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol and associated behavioral effects in mice
Smoker, Michael PSmoker, Michael PMackie, KenMackie, KenLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CBoehm, Stephen L and Boehm, Stephen L
Drug and Alcohol Dependence, vol. 199, pp. 115, 2019-06-01. | Journal Article
The Rat Medial Prefrontal Cortex Exhibits Flexible Neural Activity States during the Performance of an Odor Span Task
De Falco, EmanuelaAn, LeiSun, NingleiRoebuck, Andrew JGreba, QuentinLapish, Christopher C and Howland, John G
eNeuro, vol. 6, (no. 2), pp. ENEURO.0424-18.2019, 2019 Mar-Apr. | Journal Article
Differential COMT expression and behavioral effects of COMT inhibition in male and female Wistar and alcohol preferring rats
McCane, Aqilah MMcCane, Aqilah MDeLory, Michael JDeLory, Michael JTimm, Maureen MTimm, Maureen MJanetsian-Fritz, Sarine SJanetsian-Fritz, Sarine SLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CCzachowski, Cristine L and Czachowski, Cristine L
Alcohol, vol. 67, pp. 22, March 2018. | Journal Article
Maternal deprivation induces alterations in cognitive and cortical function in adulthood
Janetsian-Fritz, Sarine STimme, Nicholas MTimm, Maureen MMcCane, Aqilah MBaucum, Anthony J and Lapish, Christopher C
Translational Psychiatry, vol. 8, pp. 1-15, Mar 2018. | Journal Article
Habitual Behavior Is Mediated by a Shift in Response-Outcome Encoding by Infralimbic Cortex
Barker, Jacqueline MBarker, Jacqueline MGlen, W BaileyGlen, W BaileyLinsenbardt, David NLinsenbardt, David NLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CChandler, L Judson and Chandler, L Judson
eNeuro, vol. 4, (no. 6), pp. ENEURO.0337-17.2017, 2017 Nov-Dec. | Journal Article
Impulsivity in rodents with a genetic predisposition for excessive alcohol consumption is associated with a lack of a prospective strategy
Linsenbardt, DavidLinsenbardt, DavidLinsenbardt, DavidLinsenbardt, DavidSmoker, MichaelSmoker, MichaelSmoker, MichaelSmoker, MichaelJanetsian-Fritz, SarineJanetsian-Fritz, SarineJanetsian-Fritz, SarineJanetsian-Fritz, SarineLapish, ChristopherLapish, ChristopherLapish, Christopher and Lapish, Christopher
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Temporal Dynamics of Hippocampal and Medial Prefrontal Cortex Interactions During the Delay Period of a Working Memory-Guided Foraging Task
Myroshnychenko, MaxymSeamans, Jeremy KPhillips, Anthony G and Lapish, Christopher C
Cerebral cortex (New York, N.Y. : 1991), vol. 27, (no. 11), pp. 5342, 2017-Nov-01. | Journal Article
Dopamine Neurons Change the Type of Excitability in Response to Stimuli
Morozova, Ekaterina OMorozova, Ekaterina OZakharov, DenisZakharov, DenisGutkin, Boris SGutkin, Boris SLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CKuznetsov, Alexey and Kuznetsov, Alexey
PLoS Computational Biology, vol. 12, (no. 12), Dec 2016. | Journal Article
Rich-Club Organization in Effective Connectivity among Cortical Neurons
Nigam, SunnyNigam, SunnyNigam, SunnyShimono, MasanoriShimono, MasanoriShimono, MasanoriIto, ShinyaIto, ShinyaIto, ShinyaYeh, Fang-ChinYeh, Fang-ChinYeh, Fang-ChinTimme, NicholasTimme, NicholasTimme, NicholasMyroshnychenko, MaxymMyroshnychenko, MaxymMyroshnychenko, MaxymLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CLapish, Christopher CTosi, ZacharyTosi, ZacharyTosi, ZacharyHottowy, PawelHottowy, PawelHottowy, PawelSmith, Wesley CSmith, Wesley CSmith, Wesley CMasmanidis, Sotiris CMasmanidis, Sotiris CMasmanidis, Sotiris CLitke, Alan MLitke, Alan MLitke, Alan MSporns, OlafSporns, OlafSporns, OlafBeggs, John MBeggs, John M and Beggs, John M
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