• Character, environment, creature, and narrative creation and analysis
  • Creating beings and life forms never seen before for public engagement
  • Experimental game design and implementation
  • Immersive virtual reality and gaming experiences
  • Incorporating traditional fine arts into the digital realm


  • Developing new ways for high and middle schools to teach traditional subjects through gamification
  • Development of augmented reality games (ARGs) for public consumption and education at venues such as Gen Con, PopCon, and local area schools
  • Exploring the traditional analog game renaissance
  • Being active in the games for good movement, which seeks to mentally and physically heal people through game creation and innovative therapies (such as using┬áTetris to assist PTSD patients)
Bioinformatics, Management Information Systems, Information Science/Systems, Computer Science
MFA, Indiana University Bloomington, Digital Fine Art, 2006
BA, Indiana University Bloomington, Fine Arts, 2002