Research Interests

  • Control theory/bioinformatics
  • Mechanics
  • Cancer/bone biology
  • Breast/prostate cancer
  • Bone/brain metastases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis


  • Develop iTSC technology
  • Make bone metastasis curable
  • Make brain metastasis curable


  • control theory/bioinformatics, mechanics, cancer/bone biology


  • breast/prostate cancer, bone/brain metastases, osteoporosis, arthritis

The Yoneda lab focuses on the bone tumor microenvironment, with a particular interest in crosstalk between bone and breast cancer cells in bony metastases.  They are also interested in the pathophysiology of cancer-associated bone pain, and the role of microenvironment pH in that process.

My current research interest is the effect of mechanical and electrical stimulation in growth and migration of breast cancer cells. Depending on types and strength of mechano-electrical signals, existing data indicate that biophysical stimuli can induce local and systemic anti-tumor effects. I am interested in developing an adjuvant therapy useful for treatment of bone/brain metastases associated with breast cancer. I am also interested in tumor-bone interactions, in particular, the role of osteocytes and chondrocytes in the presence of mechanical stimulation.

Past Affiliations
Oncology, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering, Human Anatomy, Cell Biology
PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, 1993
PhD, University of Tokyo, Japan, Astronautics, 1983
MS, University of Tokyo, Japan, Astronautics, 1980
BS, University of Tokyo, Japan, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1978
biomedical engineering biomechanics computational biology genomics
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