My lab is focused on the activity of an evolutionarily conserved battery of transcription factors that is collectively referred to as the retinal determination (RD) network.

Research Areas:

  • Chromatin, Chromosomes, and Genome Integrity
  • Developmental Mechanisms and Regulation in Eukaryotic Systems
  • Eukaryotic Cell Biology, Cytoskeleton, and Signaling

My research group is focused on a number of questions (see individual lab member pages) that are central to understanding how tissues in general, and the eye in particular, are initially specified and then patterned.


  • The Development of the Drosophila Eye
  • Retinal Determination
  • Compartment Boundary Establishment
  • Pattern Formation
  • Cell Fate Specification
  • Ommatidial Rotation
  • Cell Proliferation and Programmed Cell Death

Research Interests:

  • Regulation of tissue/organ specification and patterning

Subject Areas:

  • Molecular Life Sciences
  • Biology.

Subject Area

  • Biology

Research Interests

  • Regulation of tissue/organ specification and patterning
Molecular Biology, Biological Science, Neuroscience
PhD, Purdue University, 1996