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Alcohol consumption does not impact delta and kappa opioid receptor-mediated synaptic depression in dorsolateral striatum of adult male mice. Alcohol
. | Journal Article
ADGRL1 is a glucose receptor involved in mediating energy and glucose homeostasis. Diabetologia
. | Journal Article
A novel inhibitory corticostriatal circuit that expresses mu opioid receptor-mediated synaptic plasticity. Neuropharmacology
. | Journal Article
HCN1 channels mediate mu opioid receptor long‐term depression at insular cortex inputs to the dorsal striatum. The Journal of Physiology
Prenatal opioid exposure reprograms the behavioural response to future alcohol reward
Addiction Biology. | Journal Article
Spinophilin limits metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 scaffolding to the postsynaptic density and cell type-specifically mediates excessive grooming
The role of anterior insular cortex inputs to dorsolateral striatum in binge alcohol drinking. eLife
A multi-omic analysis of the dorsal striatum in an animal model of divergent genetic risk for alcohol use disorder
Grecco, G.G.Haggerty, D.L.Doud, E.H.Fritz, B.M.Yin, F.Hoffman, H.Mosley, A.L.Simpson, E.Liu, Y.Baucum, A.J. and Atwood, B.K.
Journal of Neurochemistry, vol. 157, pp. 1013-1031. | Journal Article
HCN1 channels mediate mu opioid receptor long-term depression at insular cortex inputs to the dorsal striatum
Munoz, BraulioFritz, Brandon M and Atwood, Brady K
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Input-selective adenosine A1 receptor-mediated synaptic depression of excitatory transmission in dorsal striatum
Fritz, B.M.Yin, F. and Atwood, B.K.
Scientific Reports, vol. 11. | Journal Article
Neuroimaging in infants with prenatal opioid exposure: Current evidence, recent developments and targets for future research
Radhakrishnan, R.Grecco, G.Stolze, K.Atwood, B.Jennings, S.G.Lien, I.Z.Saykin, A.J. and Sadhasivam, S.
Journal of Neuroradiology, vol. 48, pp. 112-120. | Journal Article
Prenatal methadone exposure disrupts behavioral development and alters motor neuron intrinsic properties and local circuitry
Grecco, G.G.Grecco, Gregory GMork, Briana EMork, B.E.Huang, Jui-YenHuang, J.-Y.Metzger, Corinne EMetzger, C.E.Haggerty, D.L.Haggerty, David LReeves, Kaitlin CReeves, K.C.Gao, YongGao, Y.Hoffman, H.Hoffman, HunterKatner, Simon NKatner, S.N.Masters, A.R.Masters, Andrea RMorris, Cameron WMorris, C.W.Newell, E.A.Newell, Erin AEngleman, Eric AEngleman, E.A.Baucum, A.J.Baucum, Anthony JKim, J.Kim, JiuenYamamoto, B.K.Yamamoto, Bryan KAllen, Matthew RAllen, M.R.Wu, Y.-C.Wu, Yu ChienLu, H.-C.Lu, Hui-ChenSheets, P.L.Sheets, Patrick LAtwood, Brady K and Atwood, B.K.
eLife, vol. 10. | Journal Article
Prenatal Opioid Administration Induces Shared Alterations to the Maternal and Offspring Gut Microbiome: A Preliminary Analysis
Drug and Alcohol Dependence. | Journal Article
The Role of Mediobasal Hypothalamic PACAP in the Control of Body Weight and Metabolism
Bozadjieva-Kramer, N.Bozadjieva-Kramer, NadejdaRoss, Rachel ARoss, R.A.Johnson, D.Q.Johnson, David QFenselau, HenningFenselau, H.Haggerty, D.L.Haggerty, David LAtwood, BradyAtwood, B.Lowell, B.Lowell, BradfordFlak, Jonathan N and Flak, J.N.
Endocrinology (United States), vol. 162. | Journal Article
Basal ganglia role in learning rewarded actions and executing previously learned choices: Healthy and diseased states
Mulcahy, GarrettAtwood, Brady and Kuznetsov, Alexey
PloS one, vol. 15, (no. 2), pp. e0228081, 2020-00-00. | Journal Article
Mu opioid receptors on vGluT2-expressing glutamatergic neurons modulate opioid reward
Reeves, Kaitlin C.Kube, Megan J.Grecco, Gregory G.Fritz, Brandon M.Muñoz, BraulioYin, FuqinGao, YongHaggerty, David L.Hoffman, Hunter J. and Atwood, Brady K.
Addiction Biology. | Journal Article
Prenatal methadone exposure disrupts behavioral development and alters motor neuron intrinsic properties and local circuitry
Grecco, G.G.Mork, B.Huang, J.Y.Metzger, C.E.Haggerty, D.L.Reeves, K.C.Gao, Y.Hoffman, H.Katner, S.N.Masters, A.R.Morris, C.W.Newell, E.A.Engleman, E.A.Baucum, A.J.Kim, J.Yamamoto, B.K.Allen, M.R.Wu, Y.-C.Lu, H.-C.Sheets, P.L. and Atwood, B.K.
Prenatal Opioid Exposure Enhances Responsiveness to Future Drug Reward and Alters Sensitivity to Pain: A Review of Preclinical Models and Contributing Mechanisms
Grecco, Gregory G. and Atwood, Brady K.
eneuro, pp. ENEURO.0393–20.2020. | Journal Article
Synapse-specific expression of mu opioid receptor long-term depression in the dorsomedial striatum
Muñoz, BraulioHaggerty, David L and Atwood, Brady K
Scientific reports, vol. 10, (no. 1), pp. 7234, 2020-Apr-29. | Journal Article
Trem2 Y38C mutation and loss of Trem2 impairs neuronal synapses in adult mice
Jadhav, V.S.Lin, P.B.C.Pennington, T.Di Prisco, G.V.Jannu, A.J.Xu, G.Moutinho, M.Zhang, J.Atwood, B.K.Puntambekar, S.S.Bissel, S.J.Oblak, A.L.Landreth, G.E. and Lamb, B.T.
Molecular Neurodegeneration, vol. 15. | Journal Article
Vascular amyloid accumulation alters the gabaergic synapse and induces hyperactivity in a model of cerebral amyloid angiopathy
Cisternas, P.Cisternas, PabloTaylor, XavierTaylor, X.Perkins, AbigailPerkins, A.Maldonado, O.Maldonado, OrlandoAllman, E.Allman, ElysabethCordova, R.Cordova, RicardoMarambio, YamilMarambio, Y.Munoz, B.Munoz, BraulioPennington, TaylorPennington, T.Xiang, S.Xiang, ShunianZhang, JieZhang, J.Vidal, R.Vidal, RubenAtwood, BradyAtwood, B.Lasagna-Reeves, C.A. and Lasagna-Reeves, Cristian A
Aging Cell, vol. 19. | Journal Article
Basal Ganglia role in learning rewarded actions and executing previously learned choices: Healthy and diseased states
Mulcahy, G.Atwood, B. and Kuznetsov, A.
Genetic Selection for Alcohol Preference in Mice Alters Dorsal Striatum Neurotransmission
Fritz, Brandon MMuñoz, Braulio and Atwood, Brady K
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, vol. 43, (no. 11), pp. 2321, November 2019. | Journal Article
Tau as a mediator of neurotoxicity associated to cerebral amyloid angiopathy.
You, YingjianYou, YingjianYou, YingjianPerkins, AbigailPerkins, AbigailPerkins, AbigailCisternas, PabloCisternas, PabloCisternas, PabloMuñoz, BraulioMuñoz, BraulioMuñoz, BraulioTaylor, XavierTaylor, XavierTaylor, XavierYou, YanwenYou, YanwenYou, YanwenGarringer, Holly JGarringer, Holly JGarringer, Holly JOblak, Adrian LOblak, Adrian LOblak, Adrian LAtwood, Brady KAtwood, Brady KAtwood, Brady KVidal, RubenVidal, RubenVidal, RubenLasagna-Reeves, Cristian ALasagna-Reeves, Cristian A and Lasagna-Reeves, Cristian A
Acta neuropathologica communications. | Journal Article
TREM2 is required for microglial instruction of astrocytic synaptic engulfment in neurodevelopment.
Glia. | Journal Article