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Community- and systems-level factors that contribute to foster care entry: Perspectives from child-serving professionals. Journal of Public Child Welfare
. | Journal Article
MSW Student Concerns about Addressing Clients’ Substance Use and Misuse
McCarthy, Katherine M.McCarthy, Katherine M.Mc Carthy, Katherine M.Mariscal, E. SusanaMariscal, E. SusanaMariscal, E. SusanaWahler, Elizabeth A.Wahler, Elizabeth A. and Wahler, Elizabeth A.
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Child Protective Services Guidelines for Substantiating Exposure to Domestic Violence as Maltreatment and Assigning Caregiver Responsibility: Policy Analysis and Recommendations
Child Maltreatment. | Journal Article
Interpersonal Victimization of Latino Youth: a Latent Class Analysis
Mariscal, E. SusanaMariscal, E. SusanaSusana, Mariscal ESabina, ChiaraChiara, SabinaSabina, ChiaraCuevas, Carlos A.Cuevas, Carlos A and Cuevas, Carlos A.
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Next Steps in Untangling the Web of Violence: A Research Agenda
Hamby, Sherry and Mariscal, E. S
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Psychological Functioning Among Latino Victims of Teen Dating Violence: The Role of Relational and Collective Resources
Sabina, ChiaraMarsical, E. Susana and Cuevas, Carlos A.
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Social work practices with Latinas/Latinos/Latinx
Mariscal, E. SJohnson-Motoyama, Michelle and Dettlaff, Alan
In Social Workers’ Desk Reference. 2021. | Book Chapter
Interpersonal Victimization of Latino Youth: a Latent Class Analysis
Mariscal, E. SusanaSabina, Chiara and Cuevas, Carlos A.
Journal of Family Violence. | Journal Article
Novel Service Delivery Approach to Address Reproductive Health Disparities within Immigrant Latino Communities in Geographic Hot Spots: An Implementation Study
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Resilience following exposure to intimate partner violence and other violence: A comparison of Latino and non-Latino youth
Mariscal, E. S
Children and youth services review, vol. 113, pp. 104975, Jun 2020. | Journal Article
The Comparative Effectiveness of a Model of Job Development versus Treatment as Usual
Carlson, LindaCarlson, LindaSmith, GalenSmith, GalenMariscal, E.Mariscal, E SRapp, CharlesRapp, Charles AHolter, Mark CHolter, MarkKo, EunjeongKo, EunjeongKukla, MarinaKukla, MarinaFukui, Sadaaki and Fukui, Sadaaki
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Development, CAPTA Part C Referral and Services Among Young Children in the U.S. Child Welfare System
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Latino Immigrant and Refugee Children and Families
Dettlaff, Alan JJohnson-Motoyama, michelle and Mariscal, Susana
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Parent, Teacher, and School Stakeholder Perspectives on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Programming for Latino Youth
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Exploring the path from foster care to stable and lasting adoption: Perceptions of foster care alumni
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Latino children and families
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The Strengths Perspective and the Strengths Model of Case Management: Enhancing the recovery of people with psychiatric disabilities
Mariscal, E. S
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Advancing Social Work in Mental Health through Strengths-Based Practice
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Implementation of an evidence-based intervention to reduce long-term foster care: Practitioner perceptions of key challenges and supports
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Substance Use and Abuse for Youths in Foster Care: Results From the Communities That Care Normative Database
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Resilience and strengths among children exposed to intimate partner violence
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Effect of Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) Participation on Psychiatric Symptoms, Sense of Hope, and Recovery
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Outcomes of an Illness Self-Management Group Using Wellness Recovery Action Planning
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Learning about tenderness and well-being (Aprendiendo sobre la ternura y el buen trato)
Mariscal, E. S
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