18 Publications
Leveraging Economies of Scale via Collaborative Interdisciplinary Global Health Tracks (CIGHTs): Lessons From Three Programs
McHenry, MeganMcHenry, Megan S.Mc Henry, MeganBaenziger, JenniferBaenziger, JenniferBaenziger, Jennifer T.H.Zbar, Lori G.Zbar, LoriZbar, LoriMendoza, JoanneMendoza, JoanneMendoza, Joanneden Hartog, Juliaden Hartog, Julia R.den Hartog, JuliaLitzelman, DebraLitzelman, Debra K.Litzelman, DebraPitt, Michael B.Pitt, Michael and Pitt, Michael
Academic Medicine, vol. 95, (no. 1), pp. 43, 2020-January. | Journal Article
193. Ethical Aspects of Involving Children And Adolescents In HIV Research: A Systematic Review of The Empiric Literature
MacDonald, Katherine RMacDonald, Katherine RMacDonald, Katherine ROtt, Mary AOtt, Mary AOtt, Mary AMcHenry, Megan SMc Henry, Megan SMcHenry, Megan SEnane, Leslie AEnane, Leslie A and Enane, Leslie A
Journal of Adolescent Health, vol. 64, (no. 2), pp. S99, February 2019. | Journal Article
Growth of young HIV-infected and HIV-exposed children in western Kenya: A retrospective chart review
McHenry, Megan SMc Henry, Megan SApondi, EdithApondi, EdithAyaya, Samuel OAyaya, Samuel OYang, ZiyiYang, ZiyiLi, WenfangLi, WenfangTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuBi, GuanyingBi, GuanyingSang, EdwinSang, EdwinVreeman, Rachel C and Vreeman, Rachel C
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Interventions for developmental delays in children born to HIV-infected mothers: a systematic review
Mc Henry, Megan SongMcAteer, Carole IanOyungu, ErenDeathe, Andrew Roland and Vreeman, Rachel Christine
AIDS Care, vol. 31, (no. 3), pp. 282, 3/4/2019. | Journal Article
Early Childhood Development in Children Born to HIV-Infected Mothers: Perspectives From Kenyan Clinical Providers and Caregivers
McHenry, Megan SMc Henry, Megan SOyungu, ErenOyungu, ErenMcAteer, Carole IMcAteer, Carole IOmbitsa, Ananda ROmbitsa, Ananda RCheng, Erika RCheng, Erika RAyaya, Samuel OAyaya, Samuel OVreeman, Rachel C and Vreeman, Rachel C
Global pediatric health, vol. 5, pp. 2333794X18811795, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
Neurodevelopment in Young Children Born to HIV-Infected Mothers: A Meta-analysis
McHenry, Megan SMc Henry, Megan SMcAteer, Carole IMcAteer, Carole IOyungu, ErenOyungu, ErenMc Donald, Brenna CMcDonald, Brenna CBosma, Chris BBosma, Chris BMpofu, Philani BMpofu, Philani BDeathe, Andrew RDeathe, Andrew RVreeman, Rachel C and Vreeman, Rachel C
Pediatrics, vol. 141, (no. 2), pp. e20172888, 2018-02-00. | Journal Article
HIV Stigma: Perspectives from Kenyan Child Caregivers and Adolescents Living with HIV
McHenry, Megan SMc Henry, M.S.McHenry, M. SScanlon, MichaelNyandiko, Winstone MNyandiko, W. MNyandiko, W.M.Scanlon, Michael LScanlon, M.L.Scanlon, M. LFischer, Lydia JFischer, L.J.Fischer, L. JMcAteer, C.I.McAteer, C. IMcAteer, Carole IAluoch, JAluoch, J.Naanyu, VNaanyu, V.Vreeman, Rachel CVreeman, R. C and Vreeman, R.C.
Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care, vol. 16, pp. 215-225. | Journal Article
Research in Pediatric Residency: National Experience of Pediatric Chief Residents
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Academic Pediatrics, vol. 17, (no. 2), pp. 144, 20170301. | Journal Article
Effectiveness of cross-cultural education for medical residents caring for burmese refugees
McHenry, Megan SongMc Henry, Megan SongNutakki, KavithaNutakki, KavithaSwigonski, Nancy L and Swigonski, Nancy L
Education for health (Abingdon, England), vol. 29, (no. 3), pp. 254, 2016 Sep-Dec. | Journal Article
Mc Henry, M.S.Umoren, R.Dixit, A.Holliday, R. and Litzelman, D.
(pp. 151-157)
McHenry, Megan SMc Henry, M.S.Umoren, R.Umoren, RachelDixit, AvikaDixit, A.Holliday, R.Holliday, RachelLitzelman, D. and Litzelman, Debra
Journal of cultural diversity, vol. 23, pp. 151-157. | Journal Article
A Systematic Review of Nutritional Supplementation in HIV-Infected Children in Resource-Limited Settings
McHenry, Megan SMc Henry, M.S.Dixit, A.Vreeman, Rachel C and Vreeman, R.C.
Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care, vol. 14, pp. 313-323. | Journal Article
The physical and psychological effects of HIV infection and its treatment on perinatally HIV‐infected children
Vreeman, Rachel CScanlon, MichaelVreeman, Rachel CScanlon, Michael LScanlon, Michael LMcHenry, Megan SMc Henry, Megan SNyandiko, Winstone M and Nyandiko, Winstone M
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Vitamin A supplementation for the reduction of the risk of mother-to-child transmission of HIV
Mchenry, M.S.Apondi, E. and Vreeman, R.C.
Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy, vol. 13, pp. 821-824. | Journal Article
‘Why did you not tell me?’: perspectives of caregivers and children on the social environment surrounding child HIV disclosure in Kenya
Vreeman, RachelVreeman, Rachel CScanlon, Michael LScanlon, MichaelInui, ThomasInui, Thomas SMcAteer, Carole IMcAteer, CaroleFischer, Lydia JFischer, LydiaMc Henry, MeganMcHenry, Megan SMarete, IreneMarete, IreneNyandiko, Winstone and Nyandiko, Winstone M
AIDS, vol. 29 Suppl 1, pp. S55, 2015-June. | Journal Article
Back pain in a patient with common variable immunodeficiency
McHenry, Megan SMc Henry, M.S.Deschamp, Ashley RDeschamp, A.R.Rohr Kirchgraber, Theresa M and Rohr-Kirchgraber, T.M.
Clinical Pediatrics, vol. 53, pp. 198-200. | Journal Article
The importance of nutritional care in HIV-infected children in resource-limited settings
Mc Henry, Megan SApondi, Edith and Vreeman, Rachel C
Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy, vol. 12, (no. 12), pp. 1426, 2014-December. | Journal Article
The prevalence of at-risk development in children 30 to 60 months old presenting with disruptive behaviors
Szczepaniak, DorotaSzczepaniak, DorotaSzczepaniak, D.Mc Henry, M.S.McHenry, Megan SMcHenry, Megan SNutakki, KavithaNutakki, KavithaNutakki, K.Bauer, Nerissa SBauer, NerissaBauer, N.S.Downs, S.M.Downs, Stephen M and Downs, Stephen M
Clinical Pediatrics, vol. 52, pp. 942-949. | Journal Article