Research interests:

  • Texts, Textuality, and Historiography in Ancient Judaism
  • History of the Book
  • Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity
  • American Biblical Interpretation

Research Interests:

  • Postcolonial and Empire Studies
  • Religion and Trauma
  • Texts, Textuality, and the History of the Book
  • American Biblical Interpretation

My research focuses on the relationship among texts, monumental spaces, and cultural power in Jewish antiquity. I am particularly interested in how Hellenistic Jews used texts to adopt and adapt symbols of empire to facilitate recovery.

My next projects continue this interrogation of the relationship among collections and imperial power in ancient Jewish contexts. I am interested in staging conversations that complicate the binaries of assimilation and resistance that are so prevalent in interpretations of Persian and Hellenistic-era biblical literature.

I am currently working on a book that explores the fascination with the reassembly of temple treasury spaces in Second Temple Jewish literature, and their related fantasies of divinely-executed plunder, taxation, and redistribution of wealth.

PhD, Yale University, Religious Studies, 2018
STM, Yale University, 2012
MDiv, Yale University, 2011