Research areas

  • Roman political thought and its reception
  • Civil war
  • Metaphor and figurative language
  • The reception of classical antiquity in 19th-century historiography
  • Gender and sexuality

My research explores the intersection of Latin literature and Roman political culture, particularly how political ideas are expressed and communicated in texts that fall outside the canonical boundaries of political theory. My current book project, The Body Politic in Roman Political Thought, explores how Roman thinkers used the metaphor of the body politic to address changes in constitutional form between 63 BCE and 68 CE.

My next project focuses on the period of the second triumvirate, asking how Roman political culture changed in response to a period of prolonged civil war. Other research interests include the Neronian poet Lucan, imperial historiography, and the reception of Roman republicanism.

PhD, University of Chicago, Classics, 2017
MA, University of Chicago, Classics, 2014
BA, Scripps College, Classical Languages and History, 2011