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Pain and Associated Factors in Nursing Home Residents. Pain Management Nursing
Cole, Connie S.Blackburn, JustinCarpenter, Janet S.Chen, Chen X. and Hickman, Susan E.
. | Journal Article
Characteristics and outcomes associated with two asthma quality of care measures. Journal of Asthma
Blackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinSharma, PradeepSharma, PradeepLiu, YeLiu, YeMorrisey, Michael AMorrisey, Michael A.Menachemi, NirMenachemi, NirSen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaSanders, TeelaSanders, TeelaBecker, David and Becker, David
. | Journal Article
Does preventive dental care reduce nonpreventive dental visits and expenditures among Medicaid‐enrolled adults? Health Services Research
Taylor, Heather L.Taylor, Heather L.Sen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaHolmes, Ann M.Holmes, Ann M.Schleyer, TitusSchleyer, TitusMenachemi, NirMenachemi, NirBlackburn, Justin and Blackburn, Justin
. | Journal Article
Observation of spectators’ mask-wearing behavior at a national basketball tournament. Managing Sport and Leisure
Tran, Yvette H.Blackburn, Justin and Vest, Joshua R.
. | Journal Article
Community Coronavirus Disease 2019 Activity Level and Nursing Home Staff Testing for Active Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection in Indiana. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association
. | Journal Article
Long-term opioid therapy tapering: Trends from 2014 to 2018 in a Midwestern State. Drug and Alcohol Dependence
Mazurenko, OlenaGupta, SumedhaBlackburn, JustinSimon, Kosali and Harle, Christopher A
. | Journal Article
Prevalence of and factors associated with unmet dental need among the US adult population in 2016. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology
Taylor, HeatherHolmes, Ann M and Blackburn, Justin
. | Journal Article
A Qualitative Assessment of the Living Donor Navigator Program to Identify Core Competencies and Promising Practices for Implementation
Reed, Rhiannon DReed, Rhiannon DHites, LisleHites, LisleMustian, Margaux NMustian, Margaux NShelton, Brittany AShelton, Brittany AHendricks, DaagyeHendricks, DaagyeBerry, BeverlyBerry, BeverlyMacLennan, Paul AMacLennan, Paul ABlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinWingate, Martha SWingate, Martha SYates, ClaytonYates, ClaytonHannon, LonnieHannon, LonnieKilgore, Meredith LKilgore, Meredith LLocke, Jayme E and Locke, Jayme E
Progress in Transplantation, vol. 30, (no. 1), pp. 37, 20200300. | Journal Article
Examination of nursing home financial distress via Porter’s five competitive forces framework.
J, LordR, Weech-MaldonadoJ, Blackburn and N, Carroll
Health care management review. | Journal Article
Indiana s Section 1115 Medicaid Waiver And Interagency Coordination Improve Enrollment For Justice-Involved Adults. Health affairs (Project Hope)
J, BlackburnC, NorwoodD, RusyniakAL, Gilbert and N, Menachemi
Health affairs (Project Hope). | Journal Article
Infection Fatality Ratios for COVID-19 Among Noninstitutionalized Persons 12 and Older: Results of a Random-Sample Prevalence Study.
Annals of internal medicine. | Journal Article
Pediatric dental care use and parent- or caregiver-rated oral health among Alabama children enrolled in Medicaid. Journal of the American Dental Association (1939)
Blackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBennett, AleenaBennett, AleenaFifolt, MatthewFifolt, MatthewRucks, Andrew CRucks, Andrew CTaylor, HeatherTaylor, HeatherWolff, PaulWolff, PaulSen, Bisakha and Sen, Bisakha
Journal of the American Dental Association (1939). | Journal Article
Receipt of opioids and patient care experiences among nonsurgical hospitalized adults. Health Services Research
. | Journal Article
Reducing the Risk of Hospitalization for Nursing Home Residents: Effects and Facility Variation From OPTIMISTIC
Blackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinStump, Timothy EStump, Timothy EStump, Timothy EStump, Timothy EStump, Timothy ECarnahan, Jennifer LCarnahan, Jennifer LCarnahan, Jennifer LCarnahan, Jennifer LCarnahan, Jennifer LHickman, Susan EHickman, Susan EHickman, Susan EHickman, Susan EHickman, Susan ETu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuTu, WanzhuFowler, Nicole RFowler, Nicole RFowler, Nicole RFowler, Nicole RFowler, Nicole RUnroe, Kathleen TUnroe, Kathleen TUnroe, Kathleen TUnroe, Kathleen T and Unroe, Kathleen T
Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, vol. 21, (no. 4), pp. 549.e1, April 2020. | Journal Article
The Rise in Pediatric Obesity-Related Conditions and Costs in Public Insurance Programs: Evidence from Alabama
Sen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaSen, B.Sen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaSharma, PradeepSharma, PradeepSharma, PradeepSharma, PradeepSharma, PradeepSharma, PradeepSharma, P.Blackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, J.Blackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinMorrisey, MichaelMorrisey, MichaelMorrisey, MichaelMorrisey, M.Morrisey, MichaelMorrisey, MichaelMorrisey, MichaelCorvey, KathrynCorvey, KathrynCorvey, KathrynCorvey, KathrynCorvey, KathrynCorvey, KathrynCorvey, K.Menachemi, NirMenachemi, NirMenachemi, N.Menachemi, NirMenachemi, NirMenachemi, NirMenachemi, NirCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, C.Caldwell, CathyBecker, DavidBecker, D.Becker, DavidBecker, DavidBecker, DavidBecker, David and Becker, David
Childhood Obesity, 2020-Mar-27. | Journal Article
3038 Examining the association between inpatient opioid prescribing and patient satisfaction
Mazurenko, OlenaMazurenko, OlenaMazurenko, OlenaMazurenko, OlenaBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBair, MatthewBair, MatthewBair, MatthewBair, MatthewKara, AreebaKara, AreebaKara, AreebaKara, AreebaHarle, Christopher AHarle, Christopher AHarle, Christopher A and Harle, Christopher A
Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, vol. 3, (no. s1), pp. 122, 2019-03-00. | Journal Article
Assessing the Quality Measure for Follow-up Care After Children’s Psychiatric Hospitalizations
Blackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JSharma, PradeepSharma, PradeepSharma, PCorvey, KCorvey, KathrynCorvey, KathrynMorrisey, Michael AMorrisey, MAMorrisey, Michael AMenachemi, NirMenachemi, NMenachemi, NirSen, BSen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, CBecker, DavidBecker, D and Becker, David
Hospital Pediatrics, vol. 9, (no. 11), pp. 843, 2019-11-00. | Journal Article
Center Variation and Risk Factors for Failure to Complete 6 Month Postdonation Follow-up Among Obese Living Kidney Donors
Reed, RhiannonReed, Rhiannon DMacLennan, PaulMacLennan, Paul AShelton, Brittany AShelton, BrittanyMustian, MargauxMustian, Margaux NBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinSmith, Sharmene CSmith, SharmeneTerry, Kristin BTerry, KristinGrant, RayneshaGrant, RayneshaSawinski, DeirdreSawinski, DeirdreLocke, Jayme E and Locke, Jayme
Transplantation Direct, vol. 103, (no. 7), pp. 1456, 2019-July. | Journal Article
Impact of Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act on Costs and Utilization in Alabama's Children's Health Insurance Program
Sen, Bisakha PSen, Bisakha PSen, BisakhaBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinMorrisey, Michael AMorrisey, Michael AMorrisey, Michael AKilgore, Meredith LKilgore, Meredith LKilgore, MeredithMenachemi, NirMenachemi, NirMenachemi, NirCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, CathyCaldwell, CathyBecker, DavidBecker, David J and Becker, David J
Academic Pediatrics, vol. 19, (no. 1), pp. 34, January-February 2019. | Journal Article
Assessing the Impact of Case Management on Medicaid Clients with Chronic Diseases
Bronstein, JanetBronstein, JanetSen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaMorrisey, MichaelMorrisey, MichaelBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinKilgore, MeredithKilgore, MeredithEngler, SallyEngler, SallySmith, Wilson and Smith, Wilson
Social work in public health, vol. 33, (no. 4), pp. 225, 2018-00-00. | Journal Article
Center Variation in Six-Month Post-Donation Follow-up of Obese Living Kidney Donors
Reed, RhiannonMacLennan, PaulShelton, BrittanyMustian, MargauxMcWilliams, DeannaBlackburn, JustinSawinski, Deirdre and Locke, Jayme
Transplantation, vol. 102 Suppl 7S-1, pp. S241, 2018-July. | Journal Article
Decreasing deceased donor transplant rates among children (≤6 years) under the new kidney allocation system
Shelton, Brittany AShelton, Brittany ASawinski, DeirdreSawinski, DeirdreRay, ChristopherRay, ChristopherReed, Rhiannon DReed, Rhiannon DMacLennan, Paul AMacLennan, Paul ABlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinYoung, Carlton JYoung, Carlton JGray, StephenGray, StephenYanik, MeganYanik, MeganMassie, AllanMassie, AllanSegev, Dorry LSegev, Dorry LLocke, Jayme E and Locke, Jayme E
American Journal of Transplantation, vol. 18, (no. 7), pp. 1698, July 2018. | Journal Article
Differential Impact of Hospital and Community Factors on Medicare Readmission Penalties
Aswani, Monica SAswani, Monica S.Kilgore, Meredith LKilgore, Meredith L.Becker, David JBecker, David J.Redden, David TRedden, David T.Sen, BisakhaSen, BisakhaBlackburn, Justin and Blackburn, Justin
Health Services Research, vol. 53, (no. 6), pp. 4436, December 2018. | Journal Article
Men Lacking a Caregiver Have Greater Risk of Long‐Term Nursing Home Placement After Stroke
Blackburn, J.Blackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinAlbright, K.C.Albright, Karen CAlbright, Karen C.Albright, Karen CHaley, William EHaley, William EHaley, William E.Haley, W.E.Howard, Virginia JHoward, Virginia J.Howard, Virginia JHoward, V.J.Roth, D.L.Roth, David LRoth, David L.Roth, David LSafford, Monika MSafford, Monika MSafford, M.M.Safford, Monika M.Kilgore, Meredith LKilgore, Meredith L.Kilgore, Meredith L and Kilgore, M.L.
Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, vol. 66, (no. 1), pp. 139, January 2018. | Journal Article
Nursing Home Chain Affiliation and Its Impact on Specialty Service Designation for Alzheimer Disease
Blackburn, JustinBlackburn, JustinZheng, QingZheng, QingGrabowski, David CGrabowski, David CHirth, RichardHirth, RichardIntrator, OrnaIntrator, OrnaStevenson, David GStevenson, David GBanaszak-Holl, Jane and Banaszak-Holl, Jane
INQUIRY: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision, and Financing, vol. 55, pp. 46958018787992, 20180725. | Journal Article