My research interests focus on international relations with special emphasis on international security and foreign policy analysis. In my work – research, publications, and pedagogy – I have been primarily preoccupied with European security, broadly understood, and its Mediterranean and East-Central European aspects. I am also interested in Euro-Atlantic security and political cooperation in the context of global redistribution of power and Russia’s revisionist policy, in particular. Additionally, my research includes Poland’s foreign and security policy.

Along with my work in the academia, my interest in analyzing problems at the crossroads of politics, policy, and science comes through public service.

Regions of Interest:

  • Europe

Research Topics:

  • Foreign policy of the European Union
  • Foreign and security policy of Poland and other Central European countries
  • Foreign and security policy of the USA
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • International Relations in the Central and Eastern Europe

Research Interests:

  • International security, Euro-Atlantic and European security, foreign policy analysis, Poland’s foreign policy

Area Expertise: Poland; Central and Eastern Europe

DLitt, Political Science, 2010
PhD, University of Warsaw, Political Science, 2004
MA, University of Warsaw, International Relations, 2001
MA, Università degli Studi di Catania, Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Studies, 2000