Cognitive behavioral therapy; treatment outcome; predictors, moderators, and mediators of outcome; efficacy and effectiveness research; adolescent and adult depression; comorbidity; dissemination and implementation; methods and measurement of implementation research. My work is centered on a new field of research: dissemination and implementation science (DIS). Broadly, my research focuses on factors and processes related to successful response to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and its dissemination and implementation in the community. Although CBT has been identified as an empirically supported treatment for depression, improving rates of recovery and identifying the core components responsible for treatment gains remains critical. My research targets mechanisms of change at the client, therapist, supervisor, and organizational level, seeking ways to maximize clinical response. Anxiety and other comorbidities.

  • Implementation science
  • Methods and measurement of implementation research
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Process Research: Predictors, moderators, and mediators of outcome
  • Adolescent and adult depression
  • Anxiety and other comorbidities
Past Affiliations
Neuroscience, Psychology
PhD, University of Oregon, 2011
MS, University of Oregon , 2006
BScH, University of Victoria, Canada, 2003