Research interests:

  • Placement and functional properties of synaptic contacts between neurons underlie all neural computations, from sensory perceptions to abstract thought and behavioral output.

Specifically, we focus on the role of cannabinoid signaling in directing development and function of cerebellar circuits, and in adjustment of cerebellum-modified behaviors.

Questions under active investigation include:

  • How do endogenous cannabinoids regulate cerebellar wiring?
  • What are the molecular mechanisms of cell-type specific effects of cannabinoid signaling?
  • Are exogenous cannabinoids teratogenic during cerebellar development?
  • Can pharmacological manipulation of cannabinoid signaling in mouse models of ASD and schizophrenia ameliorate developmental and behavioral phenotypes?
  • What are the structural, functional, and behavioral consequences of retrograde cannabinoid signaling in inhibitory cerebellar synapses?

Area of Study:

  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of brain development, cannabinoid signaling, cerebellum.

Research interests: Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neural circuit assembly and function, role of cannabinoid signals in cerebellar circuits and their specific behavioral outputs

Research Interests

  • role of cannabinoids in proliferation; differentiation and function of cerebellar neurons; effects of developmental exposure to cannabis on cerebellar-regulated behaviors

Subject Area

  • Psychological and Brain Sciences
Neuroscience, Psychology
PhD, Columbia University, Cellular, Molecular, Structural and Genetic Studies, 2009
MA, Columbia University, 2004
BA, Hunter College, 2001