Areas of Interest: Applying interdisciplinary approaches to understand how thermal and photochemical reactions on surfaces affect the fate of pollutants in the environment and impact global climate

Raff's expertise involves atmospheric and environmental chemistry; specifically, how chemical reactions on surfaces play a role in air pollution, human health, and impact global climate.

Keywords: Exploring chemical reactions and biogeochemical processes that impact air pollution, climate, and health

Topics of Interest:

  • Measuring terrestrial-atmospheric exchange of gases in the field and laboratory and elucidating mechanisms of their release and parameterizing this exchange for use in atmospheric chemistry and climate models.
  • Elucidating microbial and abiotic sources (both thermal and photochemical) of reactive nitrogen (NOy = NO, NO2, N2O5, HONO, HNO3, etc), N2O, and other gases of formed on environmental surfaces that impact climate and the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere and soil.
  • Elucidating photochemical mechanisms that form highly reactive oxidants and their precursors on soil and in airborne particles.
  • Through or work we hope to obtain a basic understanding of the molecular and biogeochemical processes that are essential for answering key environmental questions and developing effective solutions to problems related to pollution, human health, and climate.

His research group studies chemical and biochemical reactions that occur on environmental surfaces (e.g., soil, airborne aerosols, snow, urban infrastructure, and vegetation) and how they contribute to air pollution, human health, biogeochemical cycling, and climate.

Research: Air pollution; Atmospheric chemistry; Climate change; Environmental catalysis

Research Area: Environmental Science

Subject areas:

  • Analytical
  • Physical
  • Analysis
  • Catalysis
  • Origins


  • Atmospheric Chemistry
  • Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry
Environmental Policy, Public Administration, Chemistry
PhD, Indiana University Bloomington, Environmental Science, 2007
MS, University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Inorganic Chemistry, 2001
AB, Occidental College, Chemistry, 1998