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Myotonic dystrophy type 1 alters muscle twitch properties, spinal reflexes, and perturbation-induced trans-cortical reflexes
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Muscle and Nerve, vol. 61, pp. 205-212. | Journal Article
Transmembrane protease serine 5: a novel Schwann cell plasma marker for CMT1A
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Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology, vol. 7, pp. 69-82. | Journal Article
Brain Structural Features of Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 and their Relationship with CTG Repeats
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Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases, vol. 6, pp. 321-332. | Journal Article
Characteristics of graduating US allopathic medical students pursuing a career in neurology
Gutmann, L.Gutmann, L.Cahill, C.Cahill, C.Jordan, J.T.Jordan, J.T.Gamaldo, C.E.Gamaldo, C.E.Santini, V.Santini, V.Ali, I.Ali, I.Soni, M.Soni, M.Wilson, R.B.Wilson, R.B.Said, R.Said, R.Czeisler, B.M.Czeisler, B.M.Smith, A.G. and Smith, A.G.
Neurology, vol. 92, pp. E2051-E2063. | Journal Article
Correction to: Eculizumab improves fatigue in refractory generalized myasthenia gravis (Quality of Life Research, (2019), 28, 8, (2247-2254), 10.1007/s11136-019-02148-2)
Quality of Life Research, vol. 28, pp. 2255. | Journal Article
Eculizumab improves fatigue in refractory generalized myasthenia gravis
Quality of Life Research, vol. 28, pp. 2247-2254. | Journal Article
Gender difference in clinical conditions among hospitalized adults with myotonic dystrophy
Ouyang, L.Ouyang, L.Wang, Y.Wang, Y.Valdez, R.Valdez, R.Johnson, N.Johnson, N.Gutmann, L.Gutmann, L.Street, N.Street, N.Bolen, J. and Bolen, J.
Muscle and Nerve, vol. 59, pp. 348-353. | Journal Article
Long-term effect of thymectomy plus prednisone versus prednisone alone in patients with non-thymomatous myasthenia gravis: 2-year extension of the MGTX randomised trial
...Wolfe, Gil IWolfe, Gil IWolfe, Gil IWolfe, G.I.Wolfe, Gil IWolfe, Gil IWolfe, G.I....Kaminski, Henry JKaminski, H.J.Kaminski, Henry JKaminski, H.J.Kaminski, Henry JKaminski, Henry JKaminski, Henry JAban, Inmaculada BAban, Inmaculada BAban, I.B.Aban, Inmaculada BAban, I.B.Aban, Inmaculada BAban, Inmaculada BMinisman, G.Minisman, GregMinisman, GregMinisman, GregMinisman, G.Minisman, GregMinisman, GregKuo, Hui-ChienKuo, H.-C.Hui-Chien, KuoHui-Chien, KuoKuo, H.-C.Hui-Chien, KuoKuo, Hui-ChienMarx, AlexanderMarx, AlexanderMarx, A.Marx, AlexanderMarx, AlexanderMarx, AlexanderMarx, A.Ströbel, PhilippStröbel, P.Ströbel, PhilippStröbel, P.Ströbel, PhilippStröbel, PhilippStröbel, PhilippMazia, ClaudioMazia, C.Mazia, C.Mazia, ClaudioMazia, ClaudioMazia, ClaudioMazia, ClaudioOger, JoelOger, J.Oger, JoelOger, JoelOger, JoelOger, J.Oger, JoelCea, J.G.Cea, J.G.Cea, J GabrielCea, J GCea, J GabrielCea, J GCea, J GHeckmann, J.M.Heckmann, Jeannine MHeckmann, Jeannine MHeckmann, Jeannine MHeckmann, 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The Lancet Neurology, vol. 18, pp. 259-268. | Journal Article
Long-term efficacy and safety of eculizumab in Japanese patients with generalized myasthenia gravis: A subgroup analysis of the REGAIN open-label extension study.
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Journal of the neurological sciences. | Journal Article
Long-term safety and efficacy of eculizumab in generalized myasthenia gravis
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Muscle and Nerve, vol. 60, pp. 14-24. | Journal Article
Penumbral imaging and functional outcome in patients with anterior circulation ischaemic stroke treated with endovascular thrombectomy versus medical therapy: a meta-analysis of individual patient-level data
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S.De Gaalon, S.Derkinderen, P.Derkinderen, P.Derkinderen, P.Derkinderen, P.Derkinderen, P.Evain, S.Evain, S.Evain, S.Evain, S.Ducrocq, X.Evain, S.Herisson, F.Herisson, F.Herisson, F.Herisson, F.Anxionnat, R.Herisson, F.Laplaud, D.-A.Laplaud, D.-A.Laplaud, D.-A.Laplaud, D.-A.Baillot, P.-A.Laplaud, D.-A.Lebouvier, T.Lebouvier, T.Lebouvier, T.Lebouvier, T.Lebouvier, T.Barbier, C.Derelle, A.-L.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Lacour, J.-C.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Rouaud, T.Samson, Y.Rouaud, T.Rouaud, T.Rouaud, T.Rouaud, T.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Sourour, N.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Schunck, A.Baronnet-Chauvet, F.Schunck, A.Schunck, A.Schunck, A.Schunck, A.Sevin-Allouet, M.Sevin-Allouet, M.Sevin-Allouet, M.Clarencon, F.Sevin-Allouet, M.Sevin-Allouet, M.Toulgoat, F.Toulgoat, F.Toulgoat, F.Toulgoat, F.Crozier, S.Toulgoat, F.Wiertlewski, S.Wiertlewski, S.Wiertlewski, S.Wiertlewski, S.Wiertlewski, S.Deltour, S.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Di Maria, F.Ronziere, T.Ronziere, T.Ronziere, T.Ronziere, T.Le Bouc, R.Ronziere, T.Cahagne, V.Cahagne, V.Cahagne, V.Cahagne, V.Cahagne, V.Leger, A.Ferre, J.-C.Ferre, J.-C.Ferre, J.-C.Ferre, J.-C.Ferre, J.-C.Mutlu, G.Pinel, J.-F.Pinel, J.-F.Pinel, J.-F.Pinel, J.-F.Pinel, J.-F.Rosso, C.Mas, J.-L.Mas, J.-L.Mas, J.-L.Mas, J.-L.Mas, J.-L.Szatmary, Z.Meder, J.-F.Meder, J.-F.Meder, J.-F.Meder, J.-F.Yger, M.Meder, J.-F.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Zavanone, C.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Birchenall, J.Birchenall, J.Birchenall, J.Bakchine, S.Birchenall, J.Birchenall, J.Bodiguel, E.Pierot, L.Bodiguel, E.Bodiguel, E.Bodiguel, E.Bodiguel, E.Calvet, D.Calvet, D.Calvet, D.Calvet, D.Calvet, D.Caucheteux, N.Domigo, V.Domigo, V.Domigo, V.Estrade, L.Domigo, V.Domigo, V.Kadziolka, K.Godon-Hardy, S.Godon-Hardy, S.Godon-Hardy, S.Godon-Hardy, S.Godon-Hardy, S.Guiraud, V.Leautaud, A.Guiraud, V.Guiraud, V.Guiraud, V.Guiraud, V.Lamy, C.Lamy, C.Lamy, C.Lamy, C.Lamy, C.Renkes, C.Majhadi, L.Majhadi, L.Majhadi, L.Majhadi, L.Majhadi, L.Serre, I.Morin, L.Morin, L.Desal, H.Morin, L.Morin, L.Morin, L.Naggara, O.Naggara, O.Naggara, O.Guillon, B.Naggara, O.Naggara, O.Trystram, D.Boutoleau-Bretonniere, C.Trystram, D.Trystram, D.Trystram, D.Trystram, D.Turc, G.Turc, G.Turc, G.Daumas-Duport, B.Turc, G.Turc, G.Berge, J.De Gaalon, S.Berge, J.Berge, J.Berge, J.Berge, J.Sibon, I.Sibon, I.Sibon, I.Sibon, I.Derkinderen, P.Sibon, I.Menegon, P.Evain, S.Menegon, P.Menegon, P.Menegon, P.Menegon, P.Barreau, X.Barreau, X.Barreau, X.Herisson, F.Barreau, X.Barreau, X.Rouanet, F.Rouanet, F.Rouanet, F.Rouanet, F.Rouanet, F.Laplaud, D.-A.Debruxelles, S.Debruxelles, S.Debruxelles, S.Debruxelles, S.Lebouvier, T.Debruxelles, S.Kazadi, A.Kazadi, A.Kazadi, A.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Kazadi, A.Kazadi, A.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Renou, P.Renou, P.Renou, P.Renou, P.Renou, P.Fleury, O.Fleury, O.Fleury, O.Fleury, O.Rouaud, T.Fleury, O.Pasco-Papon, A.Pasco-Papon, A.Pasco-Papon, A.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Pasco-Papon, A.Pasco-Papon, A.Dubas, F.Dubas, F.Dubas, F.Dubas, F.Schunck, A.Dubas, F.Caroff, J.Caroff, J.Caroff, J.Caroff, J.Caroff, J.Sevin-Allouet, M.Godard Ducceschi, S.Toulgoat, F.Godard Ducceschi, S.Godard Ducceschi, S.Godard Ducceschi, S.Godard Ducceschi, S.Wiertlewski, S.Hamon, M.-A.Hamon, M.-A.Hamon, M.-A.Hamon, M.-A.Hamon, M.-A.Lecluse, A.Lecluse, A.Lecluse, A.Lecluse, A.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Lecluse, A.Marc, G.Ronziere, T.Marc, G.Marc, G.Marc, G.Marc, G.Cahagne, V.Giroud, M.Giroud, M.Giroud, M.Giroud, M.Giroud, M.Ricolfi, F.Ricolfi, F.Ricolfi, F.Ricolfi, F.Ricolfi, F.Ferre, J.-C.Bejot, Y.Pinel, J.-F.Bejot, Y.Bejot, Y.Bejot, Y.Bejot, Y.Mas, J.-L.Chavent, A.Chavent, A.Chavent, A.Chavent, A.Chavent, A.Gentil, A.Gentil, A.Meder, J.-F.Gentil, A.Gentil, A.Gentil, A.Kazemi, A.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Kazemi, A.Kazemi, A.Kazemi, A.Kazemi, A.Osseby, G.-V.Osseby, G.-V.Osseby, G.-V.Osseby, G.-V.Birchenall, J.Osseby, G.-V.Voguet, C.Bodiguel, E.Voguet, C.Voguet, C.Voguet, C.Voguet, C.Mahagne, M.-H.Mahagne, M.-H.Mahagne, M.-H.Mahagne, M.-H.Calvet, D.Mahagne, M.-H.Sedat, J.Sedat, J.Sedat, J.Sedat, J.Sedat, J.Domigo, V.Chau, Y.Chau, Y.Chau, Y.Chau, Y.Godon-Hardy, S.Chau, Y.Suissa, L.Suissa, L.Suissa, L.Suissa, L.Suissa, L.Guiraud, V.Lachaud, S.Lachaud, S.Lachaud, S.Lamy, C.Lachaud, S.Lachaud, S.Houdart, E.Houdart, E.Houdart, E.Houdart, E.Houdart, E.Majhadi, L.Stapf, C.Stapf, C.Stapf, C.Morin, L.Stapf, C.Stapf, C.Buffon Porcher, F.Buffon Porcher, F.Naggara, O.Buffon Porcher, F.Buffon Porcher, F.Buffon Porcher, F.Chabriat, H.Chabriat, H.Chabriat, H.Chabriat, H.Trystram, D.Chabriat, H.Guedin, P.Turc, G.Guedin, P.Guedin, P.Guedin, P.Guedin, P.Herve, D.Herve, D.Herve, D.Herve, D.Berge, J.Herve, D.Jouvent, E.Jouvent, E.Jouvent, E.Jouvent, E.Jouvent, E.Sibon, I.Mawet, J.Menegon, P.Mawet, J.Mawet, J.Mawet, J.Mawet, J.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Barreau, X.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Schneble, H.-M.Schneble, H.-M.Schneble, H.-M.Rouanet, F.Schneble, H.-M.Schneble, H.-M.Nighoghossian, N.Nighoghossian, N.Nighoghossian, N.Debruxelles, S.Nighoghossian, N.Nighoghossian, N.Berhoune, N.-N.Kazadi, A.Berhoune, N.-N.Berhoune, N.-N.Berhoune, N.-N.Berhoune, N.-N.Renou, P.Bouhour, F.Bouhour, F.Bouhour, F.Bouhour, F.Bouhour, F.Cho, T.-H.Cho, T.-H.Cho, T.-H.Cho, T.-H.Cho, T.-H.Fleury, O.Derex, L.Derex, L.Derex, L.Derex, L.Derex, L.Pasco-Papon, A.Dubas, F.Felix, S.Felix, S.Felix, S.Felix, S.Felix, S.Gervais-Bernard, H.Caroff, J.Gervais-Bernard, H.Gervais-Bernard, H.Gervais-Bernard, H.Gervais-Bernard, H.Gory, B.Gory, B.Gory, B.Gory, B.Gory, B.Godard Ducceschi, S.Manera, L.Manera, L.Manera, L.Manera, L.Hamon, M.-A.Manera, L.Mechtouff, L.Mechtouff, L.Lecluse, A.Mechtouff, L.Mechtouff, L.Mechtouff, L.Ritzenthaler, T.Ritzenthaler, T.Marc, G.Ritzenthaler, T.Ritzenthaler, T.Ritzenthaler, T.Riva, R.Riva, R.Riva, R.Riva, R.Giroud, M.Riva, R.Salaris Silvio, F.Ricolfi, F.Salaris Silvio, F.Salaris Silvio, F.Salaris Silvio, F.Salaris Silvio, F.Tilikete, C.Tilikete, C.Tilikete, C.Bejot, Y.Tilikete, C.Tilikete, C.Blanc, R.Blanc, R.Chavent, A.Blanc, R.Blanc, R.Blanc, R.Gentil, A.Obadia, M.Obadia, M.Obadia, M.Obadia, M.Obadia, M.Bartolini, M.B.Bartolini, M.B.Bartolini, M.B.Bartolini, M.B.Kazemi, A.Bartolini, M.B.Gueguen, A.Osseby, G.-V.Gueguen, A.Gueguen, A.Gueguen, A.Gueguen, A.Piotin, M.Piotin, M.Voguet, C.Piotin, M.Piotin, M.Piotin, M.Pistocchi, S.Pistocchi, S.Pistocchi, S.Mahagne, M.-H.Pistocchi, S.Pistocchi, S.Redjem, H.Redjem, H.Sedat, J.Redjem, H.Redjem, H.Redjem, H.Drouineau, J.Drouineau, J.Drouineau, J.Drouineau, J.Drouineau, J.Chau, Y.Neau, J.-P.Suissa, L.Neau, J.-P.Neau, J.-P.Neau, J.-P.Neau, J.-P.Godeneche, G.Godeneche, G.Lachaud, S.Godeneche, G.Godeneche, G.Godeneche, G.Lamy, M.Lamy, M.Lamy, M.Houdart, E.Lamy, M.Lamy, M.Marsac, E.Marsac, E.Stapf, C.Marsac, E.Marsac, E.Marsac, E.Velasco, S.Buffon Porcher, F.Velasco, S.Velasco, S.Velasco, S.Velasco, S.Clavelou, P.Clavelou, P.Clavelou, P.Clavelou, P.Clavelou, P.Chabriat, H.Guedin, P.Chabert, E.Chabert, E.Chabert, E.Chabert, E.Chabert, E.Bourgois, N.Bourgois, N.Herve, D.Bourgois, N.Bourgois, N.Bourgois, N.Jouvent, E.Cornut-Chauvinc, C.Cornut-Chauvinc, C.Cornut-Chauvinc, C.Cornut-Chauvinc, C.Cornut-Chauvinc, C.Ferrier, A.Ferrier, A.Ferrier, A.Ferrier, A.Ferrier, A.Mawet, J.Gabrillargues, J.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Gabrillargues, J.Gabrillargues, J.Gabrillargues, J.Gabrillargues, J.Jean, B.Jean, B.Schneble, H.-M.Jean, B.Jean, B.Jean, B.Nighoghossian, N.Marques, A.-R.Marques, A.-R.Marques, A.-R.Marques, A.-R.Marques, A.-R.Vitello, N.Berhoune, N.-N.Vitello, N.Vitello, N.Vitello, N.Vitello, N.Detante, O.Detante, O.Detante, O.Detante, O.Bouhour, F.Detante, O.Cho, T.-H.Barbieux, M.Barbieux, M.Barbieux, M.Barbieux, M.Barbieux, M.Boubagra, K.Boubagra, K.Boubagra, K.Boubagra, K.Boubagra, K.Derex, L.Felix, S.Favre Wiki, I.Favre Wiki, I.Favre Wiki, I.Favre Wiki, I.Favre Wiki, I.Garambois, K.Gervais-Bernard, H.Garambois, K.Garambois, K.Garambois, K.Garambois, K.Tahon, F.Tahon, F.Tahon, F.Gory, B.Tahon, F.Tahon, F.Ashok, V.Ashok, V.Ashok, V.Manera, L.Ashok, V.Ashok, V.Coskun, O.Mechtouff, L.Coskun, O.Coskun, O.Coskun, O.Coskun, O.Rodesch, G.Rodesch, G.Rodesch, G.Rodesch, G.Ritzenthaler, T.Rodesch, G.Lapergue, B.Riva, R.Lapergue, B.Lapergue, B.Lapergue, B.Lapergue, B.Bourdain, F.Salaris Silvio, F.Bourdain, F.Bourdain, F.Bourdain, F.Bourdain, F.Evrard, S.Evrard, S.Tilikete, C.Evrard, S.Evrard, S.Evrard, S.Graveleau, P.Graveleau, P.Graveleau, P.Graveleau, P.Blanc, R.Graveleau, P.Decroix, J.P.Decroix, J.P.Decroix, J.P.Decroix, J.P.Decroix, J.P.Obadia, M.Wang, A.Wang, A.Bartolini, M.B.Wang, A.Wang, A.Wang, A.Sellal, F.Sellal, F.Gueguen, A.Sellal, F.Sellal, F.Sellal, F.Ahle, G.Ahle, G.Ahle, G.Ahle, G.Piotin, M.Ahle, G.Carelli, G.Carelli, G.Pistocchi, S.Carelli, G.Carelli, G.Carelli, G.Dugay, M.-H.Dugay, M.-H.Dugay, M.-H.Redjem, H.Dugay, M.-H.Dugay, M.-H.Drouineau, J.Gaultier, C.Gaultier, C.Gaultier, C.Gaultier, C.Gaultier, C.Lebedinsky, A.P.Lebedinsky, A.P.Lebedinsky, A.P.Neau, J.-P.Lebedinsky, A.P.Lebedinsky, A.P.Lita, L.Lita, L.Godeneche, G.Lita, L.Lita, L.Lita, L.Lamy, M.Musacchio, R.M.Musacchio, R.M.Musacchio, R.M.Musacchio, R.M.Musacchio, R.M.Renglewicz-Destuynder, C.Renglewicz-Destuynder, C.Renglewicz-Destuynder, C.Renglewicz-Destuynder, C.Renglewicz-Destuynder, C.Marsac, E.Velasco, S.Tournade, A.Tournade, A.Tournade, A.Tournade, A.Tournade, A.Clavelou, P.Vuillemet, F.Vuillemet, F.Vuillemet, F.Vuillemet, F.Vuillemet, F.Chabert, E.Montoro, F.M.Montoro, F.M.Montoro, F.M.Montoro, F.M.Montoro, F.M.Mounayer, C.Mounayer, C.Mounayer, C.Mounayer, C.Mounayer, C.Bourgois, N.Cornut-Chauvinc, C.Faugeras, F.Faugeras, F.Faugeras, F.Faugeras, F.Faugeras, F.Gimenez, L.Gimenez, L.Gimenez, L.Ferrier, A.Gimenez, L.Gimenez, L.Labach, C.Labach, C.Labach, C.Gabrillargues, J.Labach, C.Labach, C.Lautrette, G.Lautrette, G.Jean, B.Lautrette, G.Lautrette, G.Lautrette, G.Denier, C.Marques, A.-R.Denier, C.Denier, C.Denier, C.Denier, C.Saliou, G.Saliou, G.Vitello, N.Saliou, G.Saliou, G.Saliou, G.Detante, O.Chassin, O.Chassin, O.Chassin, O.Chassin, O.Chassin, O.Dussaule, C.Dussaule, C.Dussaule, C.Barbieux, M.Dussaule, C.Dussaule, C.Melki, E.Melki, E.Melki, E.Melki, E.Melki, E.Boubagra, K.Ozanne, A.Ozanne, A.Ozanne, A.Ozanne, A.Favre Wiki, I.Ozanne, A.Garambois, K.Puccinelli, F.Puccinelli, F.Puccinelli, F.Puccinelli, F.Puccinelli, F.Sachet, M.Tahon, F.Sachet, M.Sachet, M.Sachet, M.Sachet, M.Sarov, M.Sarov, M.Sarov, M.Sarov, M.Ashok, V.Sarov, M.Bonneville, J.-F.Bonneville, J.-F.Coskun, O.Bonneville, J.-F.Bonneville, J.-F.Bonneville, J.-F.Moulin, T.Rodesch, G.Moulin, T.Moulin, T.Moulin, T.Moulin, T.Biondi, A.Lapergue, B.Biondi, A.Biondi, A.Biondi, A.Biondi, A.De Bustos Medeiros, E.De Bustos Medeiros, E.De Bustos Medeiros, E.Bourdain, F.De Bustos Medeiros, E.De Bustos Medeiros, E.Vuillier, F.Vuillier, F.Vuillier, F.Vuillier, F.Evrard, S.Vuillier, F.Courtheoux, P.Graveleau, P.Courtheoux, P.Courtheoux, P.Courtheoux, P.Courtheoux, P.Viader, F.Decroix, J.P.Viader, F.Viader, F.Viader, F.Viader, F.Apoil-Brissard, M.Apoil-Brissard, M.Apoil-Brissard, M.Apoil-Brissard, M.Wang, A.Apoil-Brissard, M.Bataille, M.Bataille, M.Sellal, F.Bataille, M.Bataille, M.Bataille, M.Ahle, G.Bonnet, A.-L.Bonnet, A.-L.Bonnet, A.-L.Bonnet, A.-L.Bonnet, A.-L.Cogez, J.Cogez, J.Cogez, J.Carelli, G.Cogez, J.Cogez, J.Touze, E.Touze, E.Touze, E.Touze, E.Touze, E.Dugay, M.-H.Leclerc, X.Leclerc, X.Leclerc, X.Leclerc, X.Gaultier, C.Leclerc, X.Leys, D.Leys, D.Leys, D.Leys, D.Lebedinsky, A.P.Leys, D.Aggour, M.Aggour, M.Aggour, M.Aggour, M.Aggour, M.Lita, L.Aguettaz, P.Aguettaz, P.Musacchio, R.M.Aguettaz, P.Aguettaz, P.Aguettaz, P.Bodenant, M.Bodenant, M.Renglewicz-Destuynder, C.Bodenant, M.Bodenant, M.Bodenant, M.Cordonnier, C.Cordonnier, C.Cordonnier, C.Cordonnier, C.Tournade, A.Cordonnier, C.Deplanque, D.Vuillemet, F.Deplanque, D.Deplanque, D.Deplanque, D.Deplanque, D.Girot, M.Girot, M.Girot, M.Girot, M.Montoro, F.M.Girot, M.Henon, H.Henon, H.Henon, H.Mounayer, C.Henon, H.Henon, H.Kalsoum, E.Kalsoum, E.Kalsoum, E.Kalsoum, E.Kalsoum, E.Faugeras, F.Lucas, C.Gimenez, L.Lucas, C.Lucas, C.Lucas, C.Lucas, C.Pruvo, J.-P.Pruvo, J.-P.Pruvo, J.-P.Pruvo, J.-P.Pruvo, J.-P.Labach, C.Zuniga, P.Zuniga, P.Zuniga, P.Zuniga, P.Lautrette, G.Zuniga, P.Bounolleau, P.Bounolleau, P.Bounolleau, P.Bounolleau, P.Denier, C.Bounolleau, P.Arteaga, C.Arteaga, C.Arteaga, C.Saliou, G.Arteaga, C.Arteaga, C.Faivre, A.Chassin, O.Faivre, A.Faivre, A.Faivre, A.Faivre, A.Bintner, M.Dussaule, C.Bintner, M.Bintner, M.Bintner, M.Bintner, M.Tournebize, P.Tournebize, P.Tournebize, P.Tournebize, P.Melki, E.Tournebize, P.Charlin, C.Charlin, C.Charlin, C.Ozanne, A.Charlin, C.Charlin, C.Darcel, F.Darcel, F.Puccinelli, F.Darcel, 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Effect of general anaesthesia on functional outcome in patients with anterior circulation ischaemic stroke having endovascular thrombectomy versus standard care: a meta-analysis of individual patient data
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S.Robert, S.Sirelkhatim, A.Sirelkhatim, A.Robert, S.Stotts, G.Stotts, G.Devlin, T.Stotts, G.Stotts, G.Devlin, T.Devlin, T.Dellinger, C.Dellinger, C.Dellinger, C.Shamy, M.Shamy, M.Shamy, M.Shamy, M.Steffenhagen, N.Steffenhagen, N.Pitiyanuvath, N.Pitiyanuvath, N.Pitiyanuvath, N.Steffenhagen, N.Steffenhagen, N.Patterson, J.Blacquiere, D.Blacquiere, D.Blacquiere, D.Patterson, J.Patterson, J.Blacquiere, D.Hogan, M.Nichols, J.Hogan, M.Hogan, M.Nichols, J.Hogan, M.Nichols, J.Quarfordt, S.AlHazzaa, M.Quarfordt, S.AlHazzaa, M.AlHazzaa, M.AlHazzaa, M.Quarfordt, S.Basir, G.Basir, G.Calvert, J.Calvert, J.Calvert, J.Basir, G.Basir, G.Lesiuk, H.Hawk, H.Lesiuk, H.Lesiuk, H.Hawk, H.Hawk, H.Lesiuk, H.Iancu, D.Fanale, C.Iancu, D.Iancu, D.Fanale, C.Fanale, C.Iancu, D.Frei, D.F.Santos, M.Santos, M.Frei, D.F.Santos, M.Santos, M.Frei, D.F.Choe, H.Bitner, A.Choe, H.Bitner, A.Bitner, A.Choe, H.Choe, H.Weisman, D.C.Novak, A.Novak, A.Weisman, D.C.Weisman, D.C.Weisman, D.C.Novak, A.Jonczak, K.Huddle, D.Huddle, 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R.McCoy, R.McCoy, R.McCoy, R.Kostyrko, P.Kostyrko, P.Kleinig, T.J.Kleinig, T.J.Kleinig, T.J.Santos, M.Kleinig, T.J.Santos, M.Santos, M.Marotta, T.Scroop, R.Marotta, T.Scroop, R.Scroop, R.Scroop, R.Marotta, T.Montanera, W.Dewey, H.M.Montanera, W.Dewey, H.M.Dewey, H.M.Dewey, H.M.Montanera, W.Simpson, M.Simpson, M.Simpson, M.Sarma, D.Simpson, M.Sarma, D.Sarma, D.Selchen, D.Brooks, M.Brooks, M.Brooks, M.Selchen, D.Selchen, D.Brooks, M.Coulton, B.Spears, J.Coulton, B.Coulton, B.Spears, J.Spears, J.Coulton, B.Krause, M.Krause, M.Heo, J.H.Krause, M.Heo, J.H.Heo, J.H.Krause, M.Jeong, K.Jeong, K.Harrington, T.J.Jeong, K.Harrington, T.J.Harrington, T.J.Harrington, T.J.Steinfort, B.Steinfort, B.Steinfort, B.Kim, D.J.Steinfort, B.Kim, D.J.Kim, D.J.Faulder, K.Faulder, K.Faulder, K.Kim, B.M.Kim, B.M.Kim, B.M.Faulder, K.Priglinger, M.Kim, Y.D.Kim, Y.D.Priglinger, M.Priglinger, M.Priglinger, M.Kim, Y.D.Day, S.Day, S.Song, D.Song, D.Day, S.Song, D.Day, S.Phan, T.Phan, T.Lee, K.-J.Lee, K.-J.Phan, 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C.Ramzan, M.Derelle, A.-L.Ramzan, M.Ramzan, M.Barbier, C.Derelle, A.-L.Derelle, A.-L.Derelle, A.-L.Lacour, J.-C.Stout, C.Stout, C.Lacour, J.-C.Stout, C.Lacour, J.-C.Patel, A.Richard, S.Richard, S.Patel, A.Lacour, J.-C.Patel, A.Tunguturi, A.Richard, S.Samson, Y.Richard, S.Tunguturi, A.Tunguturi, A.Samson, Y.Sourour, N.Sourour, N.Onteddu, S.Samson, Y.Samson, Y.Onteddu, S.Onteddu, S.Carandang, R.Baronnet-Chauvet, F.Sourour, N.Carandang, R.Carandang, R.Sourour, N.Baronnet-Chauvet, F.Clarencon, F.Howk, M.Howk, M.Howk, M.Baronnet-Chauvet, F.Baronnet-Chauvet, F.Clarencon, F.Ribó, M.Crozier, S.Ribó, M.Clarencon, F.Ribó, M.Crozier, S.Clarencon, F.Sanjuan, E.Crozier, S.Sanjuan, E.Crozier, S.Sanjuan, E.Deltour, S.Deltour, S.Rubiera, M.Deltour, S.Rubiera, M.Deltour, S.Di Maria, F.Di Maria, F.Rubiera, M.Di Maria, F.Pagola, J.Le Bouc, R.Pagola, J.Le Bouc, R.Di Maria, F.Pagola, J.Flores, A.Leger, A.Flores, A.Le Bouc, R.Leger, A.Le Bouc, R.Flores, A.Mutlu, G.Muchada, M.Muchada, M.Muchada, M.Leger, A.Mutlu, G.Leger, A.Meler, P.Mutlu, G.Rosso, C.Meler, P.Mutlu, G.Rosso, C.Meler, P.Huerga, E.Rosso, C.Huerga, E.Rosso, C.Szatmary, Z.Huerga, E.Szatmary, Z.Gelabert, S.Szatmary, Z.Gelabert, S.Yger, M.Yger, M.Szatmary, Z.Gelabert, S.Coscojuela, P.Yger, M.Zavanone, C.Coscojuela, P.Coscojuela, P.Zavanone, C.Yger, M.Bakchine, S.Zavanone, C.Zavanone, C.Tomasello, A.Bakchine, S.Tomasello, A.Tomasello, A.Rodriguez, D.Pierot, L.Rodriguez, D.Pierot, L.Rodriguez, D.Bakchine, S.Bakchine, S.Caucheteux, N.Santamarina, E.Santamarina, E.Pierot, L.Santamarina, E.Caucheteux, N.Pierot, L.Maisterra, O.Maisterra, O.Estrade, L.Caucheteux, N.Caucheteux, N.Estrade, L.Maisterra, O.Boned, S.Boned, S.Kadziolka, K.Kadziolka, K.Estrade, L.Estrade, L.Boned, S.Seró, L.Seró, L.Leautaud, A.Leautaud, A.Kadziolka, K.Seró, L.Kadziolka, K.Rovira, A.Leautaud, A.Leautaud, A.Renkes, C.Rovira, A.Rovira, A.Renkes, C.Molina, C.A.Molina, C.A.Molina, C.A.Serre, I.Renkes, C.Renkes, C.Serre, I.Desal, H.Desal, H.Serre, I.Millán, M.Millán, M.Serre, I.Millán, M.Muñoz, L.Desal, H.Guillon, B.Guillon, B.Muñoz, L.Desal, H.Muñoz, L.Boutoleau-Bretonniere, C.Ossa, N.Ossa, N.Boutoleau-Bretonniere, C.Guillon, B.Ossa, N.Guillon, B.Boutoleau-Bretonniere, C.Daumas-Duport, B.Daumas-Duport, B.Gomis, M.Boutoleau-Bretonniere, C.Gomis, M.Gomis, M.Dorado, L.Daumas-Duport, B.De Gaalon, S.Dorado, L.Daumas-Duport, B.Dorado, L.De Gaalon, S.De Gaalon, S.López-Cancio, E.De Gaalon, S.López-Cancio, E.Derkinderen, P.Derkinderen, P.López-Cancio, E.Derkinderen, P.Palomeras, E.Palomeras, E.Evain, S.Palomeras, E.Evain, S.Derkinderen, P.Evain, S.Munuera, J.Munuera, J.Herisson, F.Munuera, J.Evain, S.Herisson, F.García Bermejo, P.Herisson, F.García Bermejo, P.Laplaud, D.-A.Herisson, F.García Bermejo, P.Laplaud, D.-A.Laplaud, D.-A.Lebouvier, T.Lebouvier, T.Remollo, S.Laplaud, D.-A.Remollo, S.Remollo, S.Lebouvier, T.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Castaño, C.Lebouvier, T.Castaño, C.Castaño, C.Lintia-Gaultier, A.García-Sort, R.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.García-Sort, R.García-Sort, R.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Cuadras, P.Cuadras, P.Rouaud, T.Rouaud, T.Cuadras, P.Puyalto, P.Rouaud, T.Rouaud, T.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Puyalto, P.Puyalto, P.Schunck, A.Hernández-Pérez, M.Hernández-Pérez, M.Schunck, A.Hernández-Pérez, M.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Jiménez, M.Sevin-Allouet, M.Sevin-Allouet, M.Schunck, A.Jiménez, M.Jiménez, M.Schunck, A.Martínez-Piñeiro, A.Sevin-Allouet, M.Martínez-Piñeiro, A.Martínez-Piñeiro, A.Toulgoat, F.Toulgoat, F.Sevin-Allouet, M.Lucente, G.Lucente, G.Lucente, G.Toulgoat, F.Wiertlewski, S.Toulgoat, F.Wiertlewski, S.Dávalos, A.Dávalos, A.Wiertlewski, S.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Dávalos, A.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Wiertlewski, S.Chamorro, A.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Gauvrit, J.-Y.Chamorro, A.Chamorro, A.Ronziere, T.Ronziere, T.Cahagne, V.Urra, X.Urra, X.Urra, X.Ronziere, T.Cahagne, V.Ronziere, T.Ferre, J.-C.Obach, V.Obach, V.Cahagne, V.Ferre, J.-C.Cahagne, V.Obach, V.Ferre, J.-C.Pinel, J.-F.Pinel, J.-F.Cervera, A.Cervera, A.Cervera, A.Ferre, J.-C.Amaro, S.Pinel, J.-F.Amaro, S.Pinel, J.-F.Raoult, H.Raoult, H.Amaro, S.Raoult, H.Raoult, H.Llull, L.Mas, J.-L.Mas, J.-L.Llull, L.Llull, L.Mas, J.-L.Mas, J.-L.Codas, J.Meder, J.-F.Codas, J.Codas, J.Meder, J.-F.Balasa, M.Meder, J.-F.Balasa, M.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Meder, J.-F.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Balasa, M.Navarro, J.Birchenall, J.Navarro, J.Birchenall, J.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Navarro, J.Al Najjar-Carpentier, A.-A.Ariño, H.Ariño, H.Birchenall, J.Birchenall, J.Ariño, H.Bodiguel, E.Bodiguel, E.Aceituno, A.Calvet, D.Bodiguel, E.Aceituno, A.Bodiguel, E.Calvet, D.Aceituno, A.Rudilosso, S.Rudilosso, S.Domigo, V.Rudilosso, S.Calvet, D.Domigo, V.Calvet, D.Domigo, V.Renu, A.Godon-Hardy, S.Domigo, V.Renu, A.Godon-Hardy, S.Renu, A.Guiraud, V.Godon-Hardy, S.Macho, J.M.Godon-Hardy, S.Macho, J.M.Macho, J.M.Guiraud, V.Lamy, C.San Roman, L.Guiraud, V.Lamy, C.Guiraud, V.San Roman, L.San Roman, L.Majhadi, L.Blasco, J.Majhadi, L.Lamy, C.Blasco, J.Blasco, J.Lamy, C.López, A.López, A.Morin, L.Majhadi, L.Morin, L.López, A.Majhadi, L.Trystram, D.Macías, N.Morin, L.Macías, N.Trystram, D.Morin, L.Macías, N.Trystram, D.Cardona, P.Trystram, D.Cardona, P.Turc, G.Cardona, P.Turc, G.Berge, J.Turc, G.Quesada, H.Berge, J.Quesada, H.Turc, G.Quesada, H.Berge, J.Sibon, I.Sibon, I.Rubio, F.Rubio, F.Rubio, F.Berge, J.Menegon, P.Sibon, I.Cano, L.Cano, L.Menegon, P.Cano, L.Sibon, I.Menegon, P.Lara, B.Lara, B.Barreau, X.Lara, B.Barreau, X.Menegon, P.Miquel, M.A.Barreau, X.Rouanet, F.Miquel, M.A.Barreau, X.Miquel, M.A.Rouanet, F.Aja, L.Aja, L.Debruxelles, S.Rouanet, F.Rouanet, F.Debruxelles, S.Aja, L.Serena, J.Serena, J.Debruxelles, S.Serena, J.Kazadi, A.Debruxelles, S.Kazadi, A.Kazadi, A.Cobo, E.Renou, P.Renou, P.Cobo, E.Kazadi, A.Cobo, E.Albers, G.W.Albers, G.W.Renou, P.Fleury, O.Albers, G.W.Fleury, O.Renou, P.Fleury, O.Pasco-Papon, A.Fleury, O.Lees, K.R.Lees, K.R.Pasco-Papon, A.Lees, K.R.Arenillas, J.Dubas, F.Arenillas, J.Dubas, F.Pasco-Papon, A.Pasco-Papon, A.Arenillas, J.Caroff, J.Dubas, F.Roberts, R.Caroff, J.Dubas, F.Roberts, R.Roberts, R.Minhas, P.Caroff, J.Caroff, J.Minhas, P.Minhas, P.Godard Ducceschi, S.Godard Ducceschi, S.Al-Ajlan, F.Godard Ducceschi, S.Al-Ajlan, F.Al-Ajlan, F.Hamon, M.-A.Hamon, M.-A.Godard Ducceschi, S.Salluzzi, M.Lecluse, A.Lecluse, A.Salluzzi, M.Salluzzi, M.Hamon, M.-A.Hamon, M.-A.Zimmel, L.Zimmel, L.Marc, G.Lecluse, A.Marc, G.Zimmel, L.Lecluse, A.Patel, S.Patel, S.Marc, G.Patel, S.Giroud, M.Giroud, M.Marc, G.Eesa, M.Ricolfi, F.Giroud, M.Eesa, M.Eesa, M.Giroud, M.Ricolfi, F.Ricolfi, F.Bejot, Y.Martí-Fàbregas, J.Martí-Fàbregas, J.Martí-Fàbregas, J.Ricolfi, F.Bejot, Y.Chavent, A.Bejot, Y.Jankowitz, B.Jankowitz, B.Chavent, A.Jankowitz, B.Bejot, Y.Chavent, A.Gentil, A.Chavent, A.Gentil, A.Serena, J.Serena, J.Serena, J.Gentil, A.Salvat-Plana, M.Kazemi, A.Gentil, A.Kazemi, A.Salvat-Plana, M.Salvat-Plana, M.López-Cancio, E.López-Cancio, E.Kazemi, A.López-Cancio, E.Osseby, G.-V.Osseby, G.-V.Kazemi, A.Osseby, G.-V.Bracard, S.Voguet, C.Bracard, S.Voguet, C.Osseby, G.-V.Bracard, S.Mahagne, M.-H.Voguet, C.Ducrocq, X.Voguet, C.Ducrocq, X.Mahagne, M.-H.Ducrocq, X.Sedat, J.Anxionnat, R.Anxionnat, R.Mahagne, M.-H.Sedat, J.Mahagne, M.-H.Anxionnat, R.Chau, Y.Baillot, P.-A.Sedat, J.Chau, Y.Sedat, J.Baillot, P.-A.Baillot, P.-A.Barbier, C.Barbier, C.Suissa, L.Barbier, C.Chau, Y.Chau, Y.Suissa, L.Suissa, L.Lachaud, S.Derelle, A.-L.Lachaud, S.Derelle, A.-L.Suissa, L.Derelle, A.-L.Lachaud, S.Houdart, E.Lacour, J.-C.Lacour, J.-C.Lacour, J.-C.Lachaud, S.Houdart, E.Richard, S.Houdart, E.Richard, S.Stapf, C.Houdart, E.Stapf, C.Richard, S.Samson, Y.Buffon Porcher, F.Samson, Y.Buffon Porcher, F.Stapf, C.Samson, Y.Stapf, C.Sourour, N.Chabriat, H.Chabriat, H.Sourour, N.Buffon Porcher, F.Buffon Porcher, F.Sourour, N.Guedin, P.Baronnet-Chauvet, F.Baronnet-Chauvet, F.Chabriat, H.Chabriat, H.Baronnet-Chauvet, F.Guedin, P.Clarencon, F.Herve, D.Guedin, P.Clarencon, F.Herve, D.Clarencon, F.Guedin, P.Herve, D.Crozier, S.Crozier, S.Jouvent, E.Crozier, S.Jouvent, E.Herve, D.Jouvent, E.Deltour, S.Mawet, J.Jouvent, E.Deltour, S.Deltour, S.Mawet, J.Di Maria, F.Mawet, J.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Mawet, J.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Di Maria, F.Di Maria, F.Schneble, H.-M.Schneble, H.-M.Le Bouc, R.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Saint-Maurice, J.-P.Le Bouc, R.Le Bouc, R.Nighoghossian, N.Leger, A.Schneble, H.-M.Nighoghossian, N.Leger, A.Leger, A.Schneble, H.-M.Nighoghossian, N.Berhoune, N.-N.Mutlu, G.Nighoghossian, N.Berhoune, N.-N.Mutlu, G.Mutlu, G.Berhoune, N.-N.Berhoune, N.-N.Rosso, C.Rosso, C.Rosso, C.Bouhour, F.Bouhour, F.Szatmary, Z.Cho, T.-H.Bouhour, F.Bouhour, F.Szatmary, Z.Szatmary, Z.Cho, T.-H.Cho, T.-H.Derex, L.Yger, M.Derex, L.Cho, T.-H.Yger, M.Yger, M.Felix, S.Derex, L.Felix, S.Zavanone, C.Derex, L.Zavanone, C.Zavanone, C.Bakchine, S.Bakchine, S.Felix, S.Gervais-Bernard, H.Gervais-Bernard, H.Bakchine, S.Felix, S.Pierot, L.Gory, B.Gory, B.Pierot, L.Gervais-Bernard, H.Pierot, L.Gervais-Bernard, H.Manera, L.Gory, B.Caucheteux, N.Gory, B.Caucheteux, N.Caucheteux, N.Manera, L.Mechtouff, L.Estrade, L.Estrade, L.Estrade, L.Mechtouff, L.Manera, L.Manera, L.Kadziolka, K.Ritzenthaler, T.Mechtouff, L.Kadziolka, K.Kadziolka, K.Ritzenthaler, T.Mechtouff, L.Riva, R.Ritzenthaler, T.Riva, R.Ritzenthaler, T.Leautaud, A.Leautaud, A.Leautaud, A.Riva, R.Renkes, C.Renkes, C.Renkes, C.Salaris Silvio, F.Salaris Silvio, F.Riva, R.Serre, I.Serre, I.Salaris Silvio, F.Tilikete, C.Salaris Silvio, F.Tilikete, C.Serre, I.Desal, H.Desal, H.Tilikete, C.Blanc, R.Blanc, R.Tilikete, C.Desal, H.Guillon, B.Blanc, R.Guillon, B.Blanc, R.Obadia, M.Obadia, M.Guillon, B.Bartolini, M.B.Boutoleau-Bretonniere, C.Obadia, M.Bartolini, M.B.Obadia, M.Boutoleau-Bretonniere, C.Boutoleau-Bretonniere, C.Gueguen, A.Gueguen, A.Bartolini, M.B.Bartolini, M.B.Daumas-Duport, B.Daumas-Duport, B.Daumas-Duport, B.De Gaalon, S.Gueguen, A.De Gaalon, S.Piotin, M.Piotin, M.De Gaalon, S.Gueguen, A.Derkinderen, P.Pistocchi, S.Piotin, M.Pistocchi, S.Derkinderen, P.Piotin, M.Derkinderen, P.Evain, S.Redjem, H.Redjem, H.Evain, S.Pistocchi, S.Evain, S.Pistocchi, S.Herisson, F.Drouineau, J.Herisson, F.Herisson, F.Redjem, H.Drouineau, J.Redjem, H.Laplaud, D.-A.Neau, J.-P.Drouineau, J.Drouineau, J.Neau, J.-P.Laplaud, D.-A.Laplaud, D.-A.Neau, J.-P.Godeneche, G.Lebouvier, T.Lebouvier, T.Lebouvier, T.Neau, J.-P.Godeneche, G.Lamy, M.Godeneche, G.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Lamy, M.Godeneche, G.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Lintia-Gaultier, A.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Marsac, E.Lamy, M.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Lamy, M.Marsac, E.Pouclet-Courtemanche, H.Rouaud, T.Velasco, S.Marsac, E.Velasco, S.Rouaud, T.Rouaud, T.Marsac, E.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Velasco, S.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Clavelou, P.Velasco, S.Clavelou, P.Rouaud Jaffrenou, V.Schunck, A.Schunck, A.Clavelou, P.Chabert, E.Clavelou, P.Chabert, E.Schunck, A.Sevin-Allouet, M.Bourgois, N.Sevin-Allouet, M.Bourgois, N.Sevin-Allouet, 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The Lancet Neurology, vol. 17, pp. 47-53. | Journal Article
Imaging features and safety and efficacy of endovascular stroke treatment: a meta-analysis of individual patient-level data
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