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Academic Writing: Supporting Faculty in a Critical Competency for Success
Dankoski, MaryDankoski, Mary EDankoski, MaryDankoski, MaryDankoski, MaryPalmer, Megan MPalmer, MeganPalmer, MeganPalmer, MeganPalmer, MeganBanks, JuliannaBanks, JuliannaBanks, JuliannaBanks, JuliannaBanks, JuliannaBrutkiewicz, Randy RBrutkiewicz, RandyBrutkiewicz, RandyBrutkiewicz, RandyBrutkiewicz, RandyWalvoord, EmilyWalvoord, EmilyWalvoord, EmilyWalvoord, EmilyWalvoord, EmilyHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaHoffmann Longtin, KristaHoffmann-Longtin, KristaBogdewic, StephenBogdewic, StephenBogdewic, StephenBogdewic, StephenBogdewic, Stephen PGopen, George DGopen, GeorgeGopen, GeorgeGopen, George and Gopen, George
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An Expanded Model of Faculty Vitality in Academic Medicine
Dankoski, Mary EPalmer, Megan MNelson Laird, Thomas FLaird, Thomas FRibera, Amy K and Bogdewic, Stephen P
Advances in Health Sciences Education, vol. 17, (no. 5), pp. 633-649, Dec 2012. | Journal Article
Indiana University School of Medicine (IUSM).
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Improving medical student attitudes toward older patients through a "council of elders" and reflective writing experience.
Westmoreland, Glenda RWestmoreland, Glenda RCounsell, Steven RCounsell, Steven RSennour, YoucefSennour, YoucefSchubert, CathySchubert, Cathy CFrank, Kathryn IFrank, Kathryn IWu, JingweiWu, JingweiFrankel, Richard MFrankel, Richard MLitzelman, Debra KLitzelman, Debra KBogdewic, Stephen PBogdewic, Stephen PInui, Thomas S and Inui, Thomas S
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The call for moral leadership.
Bogdewic, Stephen P
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Practical idealism: a blueprint for caring.
Bogdewic, Stephen P
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On Becoming a Family Physician: The Stages and Characteristics of Identity Formation in Family Medicine Residency Training (Dissertation)
Bogdewic, Stephen P (1989).
On becoming a family physician: The stages and characteristics of identity formation in family medicine residency training (Dissertation)
Bogdewic, Stephen P (1987).