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Variations in the management of fibromyalgia by physician specialty: rheumatology versus primary care
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Chronic pain and comorbid mental health conditions: independent associations of posttraumatic stress disorder and depression with pain, disability, and quality of life.
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Evaluation of Stepped Care for Chronic Pain (ESCAPE) in Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Conflicts: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
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Implementing measurement-based care (iMBC) for depression in community mental health: a dynamic cluster randomized trial study protocol.
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Long-term evaluation of opioid treatment in fibromyalgia.
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Lower PHQ-9 cutpoint accurately diagnosed depression in people with long-term conditions attending the Accident and Emergency Department.
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Pragmatic characteristics of patient-reported outcome measures are important for use in clinical practice.
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Randomized controlled pilot study of mindfulness-based stress reduction for persistently fatigued cancer survivors.
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Telemedicine screening for eye disease.
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The interaction of patient race, provider bias, and clinical ambiguity on pain management decisions.
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The Role of Decision Aids in Depression Care.
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A practical and evidence-based approach to common symptoms: a narrative review
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Are the harms of false-positive screening test results minimal or meaningful?
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Capsule Commentary on Marc et al., Reliability and Validity of the Haitian Creole PHQ-9
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(pp. 1691). Dec 2014
Cost effectiveness of telecare management for pain and depression in patients with cancer: results from a randomized trial.
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Distance therapy to improve symptoms and quality of life: complementing office-based care with telehealth
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Methods for the design of vasomotor symptom trials: the menopausal strategies: finding lasting answers to symptoms and health network.
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Operating characteristics of PROMIS four-item depression and anxiety scales in primary care patients with chronic pain.
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Preferences, experience, and attitudes in the management of chronic pain and depression: a comparison of physicians and medical students.
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Telecare collaborative management of chronic pain in primary care
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The influence of patient sex, provider sex, and sexist attitudes on pain treatment decisions.
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Trends in office-based mental health care provided by psychiatrists and primary care physicians.
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