24 Publications
Understanding Culture in Context
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A Longitudinal Perspective of the Symptom Experience of Patients With Lung Cancer Near the End of Life
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Erratum to: Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Curriculum Teaching Team-Based Care Integration in Oncology
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Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Curriculum Teaching Team-Based Palliative Care Integration in Oncology.
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Preparing Nursing Students for Interprofessional Practice: The Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Oncology Palliative Care Education.
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Pathways to a lung cancer diagnosis
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Lung Cancer Stigma Predicts Timing of Medical Help-Seeking Behavior
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The Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Oncology Palliative Care Education (iCOPE): Meeting the Challenge of Interprofessional Education
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Maximizing co-training opportunities on a traditional health sciences campus
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Use of the Distress Thermometer to discern clinically relevant quality of life differences in women with breast cancer.
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An evidence-based practice primer for infusion nurses.
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Enhancing Cancer Nursing Education Through School of Nursing Partnerships: The Cancer Nursing Faculty Fellows Program
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Initiating and sustaining a standardized pain management program in long-term care facilities.
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The degree to which spiritual needs of patients near the end of life are met.
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A community partnership model for developing a Center for Cancer Nursing Education and Research.
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Development and testing of the spiritual needs inventory for patients near the end of life.
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The Caring Connections Project: Providing palliative care to Medicaid patients with advanced cancer.
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The Effectiveness of Symptom Management in Hospice Patients During the Last Seven Days of Life
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A Guide to the Spiritual Needs of Elderly Cancer Patients
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Development of a Faculty Work Load Formula: The Teaching Component
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Gaming versus lecture discussion: Effects on students' test performance
Bays, Cathy and Hermann, Carla
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Planning for Study Abroad
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‘Professional Rehabilitation Nursing’: An Elective Course for Nursing Students
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