Dr. Daniel Clark is a medical sociologist. He conducts investigations of risk factors for adverse physical and cognitive function and designs and evaluates interventions to address those risk factors.

Dr. Clark is particularly interested in primary prevention in high-risk populations. His focus has been on lifestyle interventions — including weight management, nutrition, and physical activity — that have been evaluated and implemented in federally qualified health centers.

Dr. Clark evaluates how preventive health interventions can be applied to elderly, vulnerable populations. His primary research interests are in the identification and modification of risk factors for chronic disease and physical impairment among socioeconomically disadvantaged adults.

Research: Nutrition and Physiology of Diabetes and Obesity

Subject Area:

  • Medicine.
Internal Medicine
PhD, Duke University, Sociology, 1991
MA, Duke University, Sociology, 1989
BA, Whitworth College, Sociology, 1987
mexico demography exercise health promotion geriatrics & gerontology human development