She is a pediatric hepatologist (CAQ from the Board of Pediatrics) and transplant physician; her clinical and research interests include fatty liver (NASH), cholestatic liver disease, metabolic liver disease, CF-related liver disease and viral hepatitis in addition to general gastroenterology. She has a long interest in medical education and has received multiple teaching awards; she served in residency education, faculty development, and as Course Director of the new gastroenterology and nutrition curriculum for second year medical students.

Research: Fatty liver (NAFLD), cholestatic liver diseases of children (biliary atresia, Alagille's, alpha1antitrypsin deficiency, PFIC Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis, cirrhosis and portal hypertension in children, CF Cystic Fibrosis liver disease, metabolic liver disease, and medical education.

Clinical interests: Acute and chronic liver disease, biliary atresia, metabolic liver disease, fatty liver (NASH), viral hepatitis, liver transplantation

Research: Nutrition and Physiology of Diabetes and Obesity

Gastroenterology, Gastroenterology
MD, Washington University, 1986
BA, Washington University, Biology, Political Science, 1982