My research interests are in the areas of sexual and reproductive health. My current research focuses on five main areas:

  1. Interventions to improve uptake of, and experiences of, condom use
  2. Sexual health in older adults
  3. Innovative sex education interventions for adolescents
  4. Sexual problems in women
  5. Condom use errors and problems.

Research project(s):

  • Evaluation of HIS-UK
  • Safe4Play: Innovative educational intervention for safer sexual and reproductive health

Her research interests are sexual behavior, HIV/STD-related risk behavior, reproductive hormones, and gender differences in sexual behavior. She has conducted research on psychophysiological sexual response patterns; condom errors and problems; the effects of oral contraceptives on mood and sexuality in women; the relationship between the menstrual cycle and changes in mood and sexuality; menstrual synchrony; and methodological issues involved in recall data on sexual behavior.

BA, University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland
MAppSci, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland
PhD, McGill University, Clinical Psychology