In my research I study interactions between vegetation dynamics, carbon and water cycles at scales ranging from ecosystems to the globe. I use field and satellite data analysis, together with process-based models, to better understand terrestrial biogeochemical processes in response to anthropogenic environmental change and natural disturbance. A key objective of my research is to use this knowledge to improve model projections of feedbacks between the terrestrial biosphere, climate change, and human activity, and to use these models to investigate how we can mitigate the impact of future global change.

In the MacBean Lab, we use process-based terrestrial biosphere models, together with field and satellite data analysis, to study the impact of global climate change, rising CO2 and land use/cover change and management on terrestrial ecosystems.

Our approach is two-fold: 1) to develop, test and optimize process-based terrestrial biosphere models within a statistical data assimilation framework; and 2) to use spatiotemporal data analysis to interpret field and satellite observations of ecosystem responses.


  • NASA Dryland C Cyclef Project


  • European Space Agency FLEX-Bridge Project
  • European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative Land Cover Project Phase 2
  • EU H2020 MULTIPLY Project (“MULTIscale SENTINEL land surface information retrieval Platform”)

Research interests: carbon cycle, vegetation dynamics, (eco)hydrology, physiology, CO2 fertilization, climate and environmental change, land management, terrestrial biosphere and earth system modeling, data assimilation, remote sensing

Research: Vegetation dynamics; Carbon and water cycling; Climate change

Research Area:

  • Environmental Science

Research Areas

  • Biogeochemistry, Global Change Biology, Terrestrial Ecosystem Science, Vegetation Dynamics, Climate Change, Earth System Modeling

My research focuses on understanding climate-carbon-vegetation interactions in response to climate change, rising CO2, and land use and land cover change. I use two main approaches: 1) developing, testing, and optimizing process-based terrestrial biosphere models; and 2) spatiotemporal data analysis to interpret field and satellite observations  

Research Areas:

  • Global environmental and climate change, carbon and biogeochemical cycles, vegetation dynamics, Terrestrial Biosphere/Land Surface Modeling, environmental remote sensing, model-data fusion/data assimilation
Past Affiliations

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE) (past)

PhD Student, Department of Geography, Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences, University College London (past)

Research Associate, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Earth Sciences, College of Science, University of Arizona (past)

PhD, University College London, Land Surface Modeling and Remote Sensing, 2011
MSc, University of Oxford, Earth Sciences, 2007
BSc, University of Oxford, Earth Sciences, 2006
biogeochemistry earth remote sensing carbon cycle terrestrial ecology terrestrial biosphere terrestrial biosphere modeling data assimilation land surface modeling ecohydrology