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Are Health Care Professionals Prepared to Implement Human Papillomavirus Testing? A Review of Psychosocial Determinants of Human Papillomavirus Test Acceptability in Primary Cervical Cancer Screening
Tatar, OvidiuTatar, OvidiuWade, KristinaWade, KristinaMcBride, EmilyMcBride, EmilyThompson, ErikaThompson, ErikaHead, Katharine JHead, Katharine JPerez, SamaraPerez, SamaraShapiro, Gilla KShapiro, Gilla KWaller, JoWaller, JoZimet, GregoryZimet, GregoryRosberger, Zeev and Rosberger, Zeev
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Communicating Cervical Cancer Screening Results in Light of New Guidelines: Clinical Practices at Federally Qualified Health Centers
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Examining the benefits and harms of Alzheimer’s disease screening for family members of older adults: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
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The effects of message framing and healthcare provider recommendation on adult hepatitis B vaccination: A randomized controlled trial
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Characteristics of Adults Managing Vitamins/Supplements and Prescribed Medications-Who Is Using, Not Using, and Abandoning Use of Pillboxes?: A Descriptive Study.
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African American Women’s Perspectives on Donating Healthy Breast Tissue for Research: Implications for Recruitment
Ridley-Merriweather, Katherine ERidley-Merriweather, Katherine EHead, Katharine J and Head, Katharine J
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Young Women’s Perspectives on Cervical Cancer Prevention in Appalachian Kentucky
Head, Katharine JHead, Katharine JCohen, Elisia L and Cohen, Elisia L
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VA Community Mental Health Service Providers’ Utilization of and Attitudes Toward Telemental Health Care: The Gatekeeper's Perspective
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