19 Publications
Seeing What’s Possible: Videos are more Effective than Written Portrayals for Enhancing the Relatability of Scientists and Promoting Black Female Students’ Interest in STEM
Pietri, Evava SJohnson, India RMajid, Sana and Chu, Charles
Sex Roles, 2020-04-30. | Journal Article
Addressing Unintended Consequences of Gender Diversity Interventions on Women’s Sense of Belonging in STEM
Pietri, EvavaPietri, EvavaHennes, ErinHennes, ErinDovidio, JohnDovidio, JohnBrescoll, VictoriaBrescoll, VictoriaBailey, AprilBailey, AprilMoss-Racusin, CorinneMoss-Racusin, CorinneHandelsman, Jo and Handelsman, Jo
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Consequences of Confronting Patronizing Help for People with Disabilities: Do Target Gender and Disability Type Matter?
Wang, KatieWalker, KeshiaPietri, Evava and Ashburn‐Nardo, Leslie
Journal of Social Issues, vol. 75, (no. 3), pp. 923, September 2019. | Journal Article
Does the future look bright? Processing style determines the impact of valence weighting biases and self-beliefs on expectations
Niese, Zachary AdolphNiese, Zachary AdolphLibby, Lisa KLibby, Lisa KFazio, Russell HFazio, Russell HEibach, Richard PEibach, Richard PPietri, Evava S and Pietri, Evava S
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Exploring Identity-Safety Cues and Allyship Among Black Women Students in STEM Environments
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Who encourages Latina women to feel a sense of identity-safety in STEM environments?
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Increasing the perceived malleability of gender bias using a modified Video Intervention for Diversity in STEM (VIDS)
Hennes, Erin PPietri, Evava SMoss-Racusin, Corinne AMason, Katherine ADovidio, John FBrescoll, Victoria LH. Bailey, April and Handelsman, Jo
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, vol. 21, (no. 5), pp. 809, 20180800. | Journal Article
Maybe She Is Relatable
Pietri, Evava SPietri, E.S.Johnson, I.R.Johnson, India ROzgumus, EzgiOzgumus, E.Young, Alison I and Young, A.I.
Psychology of Women Quarterly, vol. 42, (no. 2), pp. 219, 20180600. | Journal Article
One size may not fit all: Exploring how the intersection of race and gender and stigma consciousness predict effective identity-safe cues for Black women
Pietri, Evava SPietri, E.S.Johnson, India RJohnson, I.R.Ozgumus, Ezgi and Ozgumus, E.
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, vol. 74, pp. 306, January 2018. | Journal Article
Recalibrating valence-weighting tendencies as a means of reducing anticipated discomfort with an interracial interaction
Pietri, Evava SDovidio, John F and Fazio, Russell H
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, vol. 21, (no. 4), pp. 614, 20180600. | Journal Article
Reducing STEM gender bias with VIDS (video interventions for diversity in STEM).
Moss-Racusin, Corinne APietri, Evava SHennes, Erin PDovidio, John FBrescoll, Victoria LRoussos, Gina and Handelsman, Jo
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Recalibrating valence weighting biases to promote changes in rejection sensitivity and risk-taking
Pietri, Evava S and Fazio, Russell H
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The weighting of positive vs. negative valence and its impact on the formation of social relationships
Rocklage, Matthew DPietri, Evava S and Fazio, Russell H
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Using Video to Increase Gender Bias Literacy Toward Women in Science
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Increased Preclass Preparation Underlies Student Outcome Improvement in the Flipped Classroom.
Gross, DavidPietri, Evava SAnderson, GordonMoyano-Camihort, Karin and Graham, Mark J
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Predicting Changes in Depressive Symptoms From Valence Weighting During Attitude Generalization
Pietri, EvavaVasey, MichaelGrover, Matthew and Fazio, Russell
Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, vol. 34, (no. 10), pp. 859-875, Dec 2015. | Journal Article
Recalibrating positive and negative weighting tendencies in attitude generalization
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Weighting Positive Versus Negative: The Fundamental Nature of Valence Asymmetry
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Valence Weighting As A Predictor Of Emotional Reactivity To A Stressful Situation
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