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Male and female impairments in odor span are observed in a rat model of PTSD. Learning & Memory
. | Journal Article
Sex-specific timelines for adaptations of prefrontal parvalbumin neurons in response to stress and changes in anxiety- and depressive-like behaviors. eneuro
. | Journal Article
Altered excitatory transmission in striatal neurons after chronic ethanol consumption in selectively bred crossed High Alcohol-Preferring mice
Neuropharmacology. | Journal Article
Housing Condition Differentially Impacts Escalation of Alcohol Intake, Relapse‐Like Drinking, Anxiety‐Like Behavior, and Stress History Effects by Sex
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. | Journal Article
Sex differences in the long-term effects of past stress on alcohol self-administration, glucocorticoid sensitivity and phosphodiesterase 10A expression
Logrip, Marian L and Gainey, Sean C
Neuropharmacology, vol. 164, pp. 107857, 2020-03-01. | Journal Article
GDNF and alcohol use disorder
Barak, SegevBarak, SegevAhmadiantehrani, SomayehAhmadiantehrani, SomayehLogrip, Marian LLogrip, Marian L.Ron, Dorit and Ron, Dorit
Addiction Biology. | Journal Article
Molecular tools to elucidate factors regulating alcohol use
Logrip, Marian L.
Alcohol, vol. 74, pp. 3–9. | Journal Article
Evaluation of alcohol preference and drinking in msP rats bearing a Crhr1 promoter polymorphism
Logrip, M.L.Walker, J.R.Ayanwuyi, L.O.Sabino, V.Ciccocioppo, R.Koob, G.F. and Zorrilla, E.P.
Frontiers in Psychiatry, vol. 9. | Journal Article
Sex Differences in Risk and Resilience: Stress Effects on the Neural Substrates of Emotion and Motivation
Wellman, Cara LWellman, Cara L.Bangasser, Debra ABangasser, Debra A.Bollinger, Justin LBollinger, Justin L.Coutellier, LaurenceCoutellier, LaurenceLogrip, Marian L.Logrip, Marian LMoench, Kelly MMoench, Kelly M.Urban, Kimberly R and Urban, Kimberly R.
The Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 38, pp. 9423–9432. | Journal Article
Sexual dimorphism in the neural impact of stress and alcohol
Logrip, Marian LMilivojevic, VericaBertholomey, Megan L and Torregrossa, Mary M
Alcohol, vol. 72, pp. 59, November 2018. | Journal Article
Alcohol dependence disrupts amygdalar L-type voltage-gated calcium channel mechanisms
Varodayan, F.P.Varodayan, Florence PGuglielmo, GiordanoDe Guglielmo, G.Logrip, Marian LLogrip, M.L.George, O.George, OlivierRoberto, M. and Roberto, Marisa
Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 37, pp. 4593-4603. | Journal Article
Differential susceptibility of male and female amygdala to corticosterone and alcohol
Logrip, MarianGainey, SeanOleata, Christopher and Roberto, Marisa
Alcohol, vol. 60, pp. 217, 2017. | Journal Article
Genetic and pharmacologic manipulation of TLR4 has minimal impact on ethanol consumption in rodents
Harris, R AdronHarris, R.A.Bajo, MichalBajo, M.Bell, R.L.Bell, Richard LBlednov, Y.A.Blednov, Yuri AVarodayan, Florence PVarodayan, F.P.Truitt, J.M.Truitt, Jay MGuglielmo, GiordanoGuglielmo, G.Lasek, Amy WLasek, A.W.Logrip, M.L.Logrip, Marian LVendruscolo, Leandro FVendruscolo, L.F.Roberts, A.J.Roberts, E.George, O.Mayfield, J.Billiar, T.R.Hackam, D.J.Mayfield, R.D.Koob, G.F.Roberto, M. and Homanics, G.E.
Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 37, pp. 1139-1155. | Journal Article
P/Q-type voltage-gated calcium channels mediate the ethanol and CRF sensitivity of central amygdala GABAergic synapses
Varodayan, F.P.Logrip, M.L. and Roberto, M.
Neuropharmacology, vol. 125, pp. 197-206. | Journal Article
Sex differences in responses of the basolateral-central amygdala circuit to alcohol, corticosterone and their interaction.
Logrip, Marian LOleata, Christopher and Roberto, Marisa
Neuropharmacology, November 26, 2016. | Journal Article
Chronic nicotine activates stress/reward-related brain regions and facilitates the transition to compulsive alcohol drinking.
Leao, Rodrigo MLeão, Rodrigo MCruz, Fábio CCruz, Fábio CVendruscolo, Leandro FVendruscolo, Leandro Fde Guglielmo, GiordanoGuglielmo, GiordanoLogrip, Marian LLogrip, Marian LPlaneta, Cleopatra SPlaneta, Cleopatra SHope, Bruce THope, Bruce TKoob, George FKoob, George FGeorge, Olivier and George, Olivier
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Corticostriatal BDNF and alcohol addiction.
Logrip, Marian LBarak, SegevWarnault, Vincent and Ron, Dorit
Brain research, vol. 1628, pp. 60-67, December 2, 2015. | Journal Article
Glucocorticoid receptor antagonism decreases alcohol seeking in alcohol-dependent individuals.
Vendruscolo, Leandro FVendruscolo, Leandro FEstey, DavidEstey, DavidGoodell, VivianGoodell, VivianMacshane, Lauren GMacshane, Lauren GLogrip, Marian LLogrip, Marian LSchlosburg, Joel ESchlosburg, Joel EMcGinn, M AdrienneMcGinn, M AdrienneZamora-Martinez, Eva RZamora-Martinez, Eva RBelanoff, Joseph KBelanoff, Joseph KHunt, Hazel JHunt, Hazel JSanna, Pietro PGeorge, OlivierKoob, George FEdwards, Scott and Mason, Barbara J
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Phosphodiesterase regulation of alcohol drinking in rodents.
Logrip, Marian L
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Corticotropin releasing factor: a key role in the neurobiology of addiction.
Zorrilla, Eric PLogrip, Marian L and Koob, George F
Frontiers in neuroendocrinology, vol. 35, (no. 2), pp. 234-244, April 2014. | Journal Article
Differential changes in amygdala and frontal cortex Pde10a expression during acute and protracted withdrawal.
Logrip, Marian LLogrip, Marian LZorrilla, Eric P and Zorrilla, Eric P
Frontiers in integrative neuroscience, vol. 8, pp. 30, 2014. | Journal Article
Phosphodiesterase 10A regulates alcohol and saccharin self-administration in rats.
Logrip, Marian LVendruscolo, Leandro FSchlosburg, Joel EKoob, George F and Zorrilla, Eric P
Neuropsychopharmacology : official publication of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, vol. 39, (no. 7), pp. 1722-1731, June 2014. | Journal Article
Adolescent alcohol exposure alters the rat adult hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis responsiveness in a sex-specific manner.
Logrip, M LRivier, CLau, CIm, SVaughan, J and Lee, S
Neuroscience, vol. 235, pp. 174-186, April 3, 2013. | Journal Article
BDNF-mediated regulation of ethanol consumption requires the activation of the MAP kinase pathway and protein synthesis
Jeanblanc, JeromeLogrip, Marian LJanak, Patricia H and Ron, Dorit
European Journal of Neuroscience, vol. 37, (no. 4), pp. 607-612, 2013. | Journal Article