Dr. Cook-Mills' research interests focus on the mechanisms for development of allergic diesease, asthma and food allergy in neonates and children of allergic mothers.

Studies in the lab have also recently determined how food allergy develops in neonates by a combination of skin exposures and genetics. Ongoing studies on food allergy will determine what signals in skin promote the development of food allergy as potential targets for therapy.

Currently, there are four main research directions regarding the regulation of allergic inflammation that are under investigation in the animal models and in clinical studies:

  1. Mechanisms for initiation of food allergy.
  2. Maternal lipid regulation of the development of allergy in neonates.
  3. Vitamin E regulation of allergi responses in adults nad neonates. 
  4. Amino acid (5HTP)/Neurotransmitter regulation of endotheliel cell function in recreuitment of inflammatory cells during allergic inflammation. 

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Pediatrics, Pediatrics
PhD, Michigan State University, 1987
BS, Michigan State University, 1982