He has special interests in the visualization of musical information, computer applications in music analysis and music pedagogy, and the pre-serial music of the Second Viennese School.

I am interested pitch relations in, and cognitive models, of post-tonal music. One branch of my work is concerned with the assessment of similarity between analytical \"objects.\" This research has so far concentrated on context-free measures of interval-class similarity betwee n pitch-class set classes. Present work involves studying the effects of musical context on these measures through connectionist models. A second branch of work involves the use of self-organizing neural networks to study post-tonal music for underlying structural organization.




Music, Cognitive Science
PhD, Indiana University, Music Theory, 1992
MM, Indiana University, 1987
BA, Luther College, 1985
music musicology academic achievement classroom instruction artificial intelligence or cybernetics knowledge acquisition knowledge representation computer simulation or modeling mathematical logic & set theory statistics
Association for Technology in Music Instruction
Society for Music Theory