Research Areas

  • Theoretical Computer Science
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science
  • Programming Languages
  • Systems and High Performance Computing

My current passions are object-oriented programming, Java, the open-source movement, data mining, spatial interfaces, and adaptive software, as exemplified by the Java open-source KnownSpace Project. A related project, Symphony, is intended to give infrastructure support for remote peer-to-peer Java development.

My current work is in genetic algorithms, a branch of machine learning, which is a branch of artificial intelligence.

My work focuses on the theoretical and engineering consequences of various implementations of genetic algorithms.

My future work will focus on describing just what mathematical properties of search spaces a genetic algorithm exploits during its search.

Cognitive Science
PhD, University of Waterloo, Computer Science, 1987
MMath, University of Waterloo, Computer Science, 1983
BS, University of the West Indies, Mathematics, 1980
computer and information sciences computer graphics computer theory control applications (computer sciences) control theory (computer sciences) machine translation pattern recognition