My research interests are 1) to investigate the mechanisms of actions and resistance to anti-tubulin and anti-angiogenic agents in preclinical breast cancer models, 2) to identify molecular targets that play an important role in breast cancer subtypes, and investigation of the intervention of these targets as potential therapeutics in combination with classic breast cancer therapeutic agents that will eventually help design effective strategies in the clinic, 3) to establish novel human thymoma cell lines, characterize them at the molecular level and develop in vivo models.

Clinical Interests

  • Identification and characterization of novel targets associated with breast and thymic cancer.

Subject Area:

  • Cancer
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
PhD, Bogazici University, Molecular Biology and Genetics , 1993
MS, Bogazici University, Molecular Biology and Genetics , 1990
BS, Bogazici University, 1988